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Shingi Munyeza: Pastor Reveals his Past, Present Life

Shingi Munyeza did not have a smooth upbringing, contrary to some paraded beliefs. “My late dad has an inspiration in my world view. I was b...

Shingi Munyeza did not have a smooth upbringing, contrary to some paraded beliefs.

“My late dad has an inspiration in my world view. I was born in poverty. I put on undergarments when I was in primary school. We learned to be domesticated males, fetching firewood, and water.

By @Comic24Derick

The entrepreneur has two strong desires. Firstly, the cleric does not conceal his sentiments. Gleaning through his social media posts, the former pastor loathes corruption with a passion.


In many instances, he has castigated corruption with vengeance, without fear or favour. And like a genuine leader, he has become a whip that directs his flock towards the right path and pasture.

On the national front, Munyeza has vehemently voiced the Harare government’s shortcomings, accruing enemies and supporters along the way. The presidential advisor has maintained his stance, even though it has attracted rebuke. 

“We fought on principle and what is good for everyone. In the 2018 elections, we said should work together for the majority. We didn’t blow each other off, you were more gracious. We need to talk about everything where none is afraid,” Munyeza said during a conversation with Trevor Ncube.
Shingi Munyeza and his Wife Wilma

“I felt betrayed by the authorities because of what I have done for the country. We are so polarised but it never changes my focus and beliefs.

Previously, he had accused the country’s politicians of worshiping idols, after the stature of war heroine Mbuya Nehanda was commissioned to be erected in central Harare. His patriotism was shown when he and other businesspeople travelled to Europe to call for the removal of sanctions on Harare at their own expense.


“Whenever there is an issue, I speak about it. I put myself in abuse and harm’s way,” confided the outspoken clergyman, who also calls himself a marketplace apostle.

But when he has erred, he is swift to admit his shortcomings. Recently, his adulterous shenanigans were publicly aired on social media by her only daughter, after he had acknowledged his marriage anniversary to his wife, Wilma. The irate daughter offloaded her anger, accusing her father of being “evil” and dared his father to delete the congratulatory message, for cheating on her mother.

Munyeza allegedly removed the post and went further to apologise for his shortcomings. “Recently I allowed myself into a situation where I fell morally. I failed my wife and family, I failed the church that I am part of,” Tweeted Munyeza.

“I, therefore, seek your forgiveness. I’m stepping down to introspect and be restored. I covet your prayers and support,” he wrote, adding that he was stepping down as a pastor.

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