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Wanted Urgently: Pothole Tracker on Zimbabwe Roads

The crumbling Zimbabwe road network is yearning for immediate attention.  Further fuelling the problem is the lack of financial resources to...

The crumbling Zimbabwe road network is yearning for immediate attention. 

Further fuelling the problem is the lack of financial resources to reconstruct and rehabilitate the aging road network. The total road length is 97,267 km, 18,481 km (20.4 percent surfaced, 14 percent gravel), unpaved roads account for 65.6 percent, translating to 78,786 km.

By @Comic24Derick

Road dominates the means of transport in Zimbabwe, with 80 percent of traffic and trade executed by road. 

The majority of Zimbabwe regional trunk roads and primary roads were built in the 1960s and early 70s and most of them have exceeded their 20-year design life.

Navigating on the extensively potholed roads has become a daily nightmare for drivers, exacerbated by the recent heavy rains pounding the entire country. After a heavy downpour, the rain covers potholes, causing damages to vehicles, especially tyres.

Frustrated regular road users are venting their anger on the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA), a parastatal tasked with the management, maintenance, and development of the country’s roads. 
Potholes are now a Menace to Road Users in Zimbabwe 
“Asi taikumbirawo kuti ma road agadzirwewo muma sabhabha, haa tanzwa nekuuraya motokari (We ask you to repair our roads around the country, the bad roads are damaging our vehicles),” complained a road user on Twitter.
The ZINARA responded stating that the government has declared the nation’s roads a state of disaster. “Government has resolved to declare all roads a state of disaster and this involves rehabilitation of all roads in the country including those in urban areas.”

The government declared the roads a state of national disaster on February 9. “Cabinet has resolved that all roads in the country be declared a state of disaster,” adding that this would facilitate the release of resources for the rehabilitation of roads.

In 2015, Google filed a patent for a way to track potholes across the United States, utilising a car’s GPS navigation system and other sensors to detect damaged portions of a road. The information is uploaded into a database and then used to determine a less bumpy route.

According to Gizmodo, “Google could monitor the vibrations your car is subjected to when you rumble over a pothole, and across reference that with GPS data – something that is standard on most cars these days.

America loses $87 billion annually in lost time and fuel tanks due to overcrowded roads, and potholes contribute to this loss, creating traffic, cause accidents, and damaging vehicles. 

Boston City initiated Street Bump, a mobile app that alerts riders to the location of potholes, delegate fixing crews or plan long term repairs.

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