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Jerry More Nyazungu: “Obstacles Pave Way for me to Think Outside the Box”

Jerry More Nyazungu’s chosen path to life was deemed unconventional by his peers. After high school, he elected to search for employment, co...

Jerry More Nyazungu’s chosen path to life was deemed unconventional by his peers.

After high school, he elected to search for employment, contrary to his friends who opted for university, though he had qualified for college.

By @Comic24Derick

Unfamiliar to many, embedded in him was an untapped passion for entrepreneurship and high business performance in some way nurtured by agricultural activities in his village of birth.

Far from the ‘madding crowd’

Alone, far away from the comfort of his family, Jerry secured employment at a clothing retailer in Harare. For six months he toiled as a shop attendant, however, his short vocation concluded in a hasty, followed by an ultimatum to move out by people who sheltered him.

“It is human nature for people to yell at you or discourage you when you come up with a new strategy. The surprising thing is once that new initiative starts working, those same people who yelled at you will start admiring you and applauding you” Jerry wrote recently in retrospect.

But who is Jerry? Possessed with a contagious smile that corresponds with his humble personality, vastly matching his modest upbringing in Watsomba, Mutare, he has an unquenchable appetite to transform businesses by imparting his rich entrepreneurial expertise.
Jerry More Nyazungu
“Strange as it may sound but I smile at obstacles. Obstacles pave way for me to think outside the box and be innovative. Without obstacles, success will not be so fulfilling. So obstacles for me are essential,” wrote Jerry on his Facebook profile.

Vending for a living

Without an income, shelter nor a shoulder to lean on, he chose to remain resilient. An easy option could have been to relocate back home and seek solace in his familiar childhood setting, however, he invested his meagre savings to start a vending business.

Daily, he positioned his wares at the convenient intersection of Patrenta Way and Willowvale Road in Harare. Stashed in his improvised tray were phone recharge cards, loose cigarettes, sweets and fruits. The harsh yet prized episode imparted him to cherish those small beginnings that would later become an asset in his business ventures.

“Ten years ago I was a vendor in Budiriro and Glean View to raise money for college fees. My vision was to employ people. As a vendor, I employed four people,” Jerry told Capitalk radio.

To the young entrepreneur, street vending meant more: a tutor and a source of income. To onlookers and his customers, it was a despised ventured, only apportioned for failures in life. With the little he earned, he saved to enrol and later on graduated as a Chartered Secretary, thereafter opening promising avenues into the corporate world.

Mr ‘Fix it’

“Your ability to grow and conquer is in your hands. The investments you make will then determine the outcome. Invest in yourself intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and psychologically. Invest in yourself now and enjoy later,” the versatile CEO communicated to his faithful social media followers.

During his undisputed corporate sojourn, an entrepreneurial spirit enlarged, leading him to launch M & J Group possessed with a vision to “fix the economy by helping entrepreneurs, both big and small to realise their potential.”

The entity, with an interest in media, technology and accounting advisory has grown and employs 30 personnel operating in two nations. “We directly employ 30 people and 200 indirectly. We put in a lot of hours. I lead from the front. I have a young team,” revealed the awarding-winning CEO.

In 2020, he was conferred with the Young Executive of the Year prize from the Megafest Business Awards for the Northern Region. The following year, the ICDZ honoured him as the Managing Director of the Year in the SME Category. Jerry’s first book, The Chartered Vendor is set to be released soon.

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