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Njuzu S.ex Videos: Who, What, Why, When, Where and How?

No doubt, Monalisa Henrieta Chavura’s aka Njuzu (the mermaid) exposed nudes will continue rocking social media spaces.  Forget the size nor ...

No doubt, Monalisa Henrieta Chavura’s aka Njuzu (the mermaid) exposed nudes will continue rocking social media spaces. 

Forget the size nor depth, because size doesn’t matter because she is gifted with the assets that matter most.

By @Comic24Derick

Her rounded frame induced her followers, specifically men to salivate, even before the videos premiered. 

And when it finally did, it was a dessert to finish off the lusting crew who had been trolling her on social media platforms.

From the availed or leaked videos, four in total, Monalisa is seen massaging her privates in some, thereafter, she sprays a clear liquid. 

The action, purely as a solo sexual encounter or masturbation, has left the actor in a jam, electing to blame her detractors for the expose.

In two of the videotapes, her eyes are firmly fixed towards the camera, supposing she was an assenting participant, however, the second character is not revealed. 

She shifts her posture in tandem to the cameraperson’s angled shot in a bid to showcase her wholesome body. The background music is a soft, mellow beat in tandem with the pleasurable deed.
Monalisa Chavura aka Njuzu 
But why would a promising, curvy model strut her private stuff or become careless to let it into the hands of her enemies? One of the probable answers would be revenge porn, done by a rivalry, in this instance one Ms Shally or former boyfriend. 

After all, it is convenient to blame your perceived enemy, threaten suicide and solicit sympathy from observers. The victim mentality will always prevail, so they perceive.

All these are, however, possibilities, just a postulation, considering how people are using unconventional means to seek and gain fame, thereafter apportioning the blame on a non-existent enemy. 

And if it is was indeed leaked, why not sue the perpetrator rather than threaten suicide. Who is going to lose? After all, she is not the first and last to be aired in a compromising posture.

Cornered by her viral videos, Monalisa concluded death would lift her out of her misery, and she wrote.

“Depression is real. Cyber bullying is bad. Ms Shally I hope you got what you wanted. Digging my past is as good as digging my grave. Please Mom take care of my son & let him know that I love him.”

Now that the suicide note has been publicised, but as of writing, the author is still alive, and naturally, it becomes an empty threat. Or a sympathy seeking empty rant, which has failed to locate any takers.

 Monalisa’s initial reaction to her leaked posts was punctuated by artificial bravado, insisting people had finally sampled the food available to her boyfriend, one Trevor Mbizvo socially addressed as Hell Commander.

“It’s unfortunate my nudes leaked but on the other hand I’m low key excited you all got a chance to see chikafu cha Trevor.” 

On the same note, Monalisa was quoted by a weekly tabloid saying, “I have learnt that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

Did she make use of her lemons or opportunity to propel her brand further onto the corporate world? Alternatively, she could be appealing to an unknown spiritual realm, using her attractive body. 

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