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Pastor Ian Ndlovu: “Act On Mozambique Terrorism Before It Spills Into Zim, SA”

Prophet Ian Ndlovu has urged regional African leaders to assist Mozambique before the terrorism advocates invade adjacent countries.  Alread...

Prophet Ian Ndlovu has urged regional African leaders to assist Mozambique before the terrorism advocates invade adjacent countries. 

Already, the insurgency has claimed many lives, displacing thousands, including disruptions to business in the Cabo Delgado region. 

By @Comic24Derick

In his latest prophetic message titled, Mozambique needs help, which premiered on YouTube on 7 April, the Bulawayo-based pastor said the violence could spill into neighbouring South Africa and Zimbabwe, and many unemployed youths could be recruited.  

“If Mozambique is not helped by other countries, especially within the SADC region, the entire region will suffer. I saw flush points in Zimbabwe and South Africa in a vision. Let’s watch and pray. These are things which may take place if the threat of terrorism in Mozambique is not taken seriously,” said Pastor Ndlovu. 

The Mozambican army was influential in assisting Zimbabwe to combat the Rhodesian colonialists to help Harare attain independence in 1980. 

Islamic Insurgency Inavded Cabo Delgado in August 2020. (Image: Global Risk Insights)  
“The spirit of God says, the injury to one is an injury to all. There is no way this region could be in good health and good standing if Mozambique is injured by Islamic terrorists and fundamentalists. According to their belief system, they believe they are waging a holy war.” 

The Islamic insurgency invaded the Cabo Delgado region in August 2020, igniting wanton conflicts, the latest one being on March 24 in Palma.   

“As much as it is happening in Mozambique, it is happening in Southern Africa. God is conscientising African leaders to organise resources, meetings and army units to contain these terrorists.” 

He added: “At the moment, God says it is easy to contain them. There is serious employment in southern Africa, and these people may convert many people.” 

Both South Africa and Zimbabwe have high unemployment rates. And so far, the Mozambican army has been struggling to repel the raging militants, recording short-term victories. 

“These people may appear like they have been defeated by the Mozambican army but they are regrouping. 

The Zimbabwean clergy righty prophesied the death of former Tanzania President Magufuli, a year before he died. At the time of writing, SADC leaders were meeting in Mozambique to plan the way forward. 

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