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Business Strategy: What Can Death Teach You About Marketing

Death has been there before you and I, and it shall exist beyond us. One day, we shall all die. If death is not in your home, it does not me...

Death has been there before you and I, and it shall exist beyond us. One day, we shall all die.

If death is not in your home, it does not mean it has expired. It has just taken a temporary break. In my life, I have experienced death to my family members, not once, but twice.

By @Comic24Derick

Both deaths were sudden, and they engraved, eternal painful memories, until this day. During these two dark episodes, I focused on the twinging pain that had engulfed me, my siblings, and my immediate family members.

For a while, these episodes left me pondering what my life would be like after these horrific incidences. It took me years to move on because I knew I could not alter death’s devastating mission.

These two similar episodes have however taught me something about bereavement, much more beyond pain and anguish. You might ask, what can death teach us, except that it creates pain.

From my observation, Africans respect funerals. When one of them passes on, they are prepared to abandon everything to attend the bereavement.

Not only that. Congregates will also turn the episode to their advantage to showcase their wealth.
A Funeral is a Marketplace  
As the funeral gathers momentum, people from different walks of life and persuasions congregate from all corners of the country to pay their last respect. But among the grieving congregates, they have diverse intentions to prove at the funeral.

Faithfull readers, get me right. True, the atmosphere at funerals may be subdued, but what you encounter as part of the grieving contingent will leave you wondering if people are mourning or celebrating. 

Well, they will be doing both.

I have attended several funerals to appreciate what I am sharing with you. Within the African context, or wherever you might be stationed, funerals avail an opportunity to showcase what the mourners have accumulated. That’s marketing.

For starters, before death appears, the deceased can elect how they depart this world. Depending on their medical insurance, one can either die a pauper or inside a good hospital.

Yes, death is an eternal journey that we must all partake in one day, but before we do so, there are choices that we must make before we bid this world goodbye.
Florists will Select the Best Bouquet 
Interestingly, those decisions are influenced by the marketing communication strategies that we are exposed to.

Either one can die in an elaborate, private hospital, use the public hospital, or breath their last as a pauper. Life is about choices, it is determined by the decisions we make.

The medical insurance that you choose may determine how you are going to be treated. You cannot expect a patient in public healthcare to receive the same treatment as in a private institution.

Most will select the best attire.

A funeral is a marketplace, raking big money. It is a ready platform for a caterer to prepare the best menu so that when the next person dies, they can be engaged to offer catering services.

The appointed florist will select the best bouquet on offer to match the occasion, not because they are sorry for the loss, but their main prerogative is to convince more customers to purchase their goods and services.

Your undertaker convinced you to select a particular casket, giving you the pros and cons of doing so. The hearse that will transport the coffin and the body to its final resting place has a logo advertising the coroner.
Mourners will Select Their Best Attire 
Also, the grave that will ingest the coffin might be in the expensive section of the graveyard. Or if resources permit, a mausoleum will be suitable. In short, everyone at your funeral has a role to play, and one of them is to market their business.

An entrepreneur cannot wait for the right time, because there is none. Take time to learn from a funeral. Act swiftly like death. Strike while others are still contemplating.

While you shed tears, your consolers are busy showcasing themselves. Yes, someone has died, but life must go on, the business must continue – the surviving people must live.

Marketing is an ongoing action, so is death. The moment you decide to take a break, your business ceases to function. Your customers need to be communicated to, continuously. Your products and service must stand out, always.

If you believe in life after death, then you must accept that there is life for your business, even after going through a torrid patch. It is not yet time to chant: dust to dust, because you still have some breath left in your business.

Give your business the boost it dearly deserves, even it seems to be gasping for evasive last breaths. It’s too early to bury that business idea that you invested in. Resurrect your idea, give it a fresh start, because it is too precious to die.

Offer your business a heartful mouth to mouth, just like you would have done to a human being. There is life after death for your business, it is not too late for you to change.
Some People are Seeking Attention at Funerals 
Death might have few friends, and more enemies yet can accommodate every living creature at the right time. Likewise, you must not limit your market reach. Use wise techniques to convince a wider audience.

You cannot provide everything for everyone, but you can offer something to everyone. Few people on earth, if any, will not die before they have drunk a Coca-Cola brand.

The remains are immobile, but it attracts large masses. Imagine if you can incorporate that concept into your brand. Use every available strategy, or marketing platform to get noticed.

Death strikes at night, at work, on the road, you cannot notice or feel it, but it is everywhere. An innovative business owner must learn to operate stealthily like death. When it strikes, it is like a thief at night. 

When death comes, there is no right time.

Always pitch about your business. Do it anywhere, everywhere, and to everyone. Like death, you will be hated and criticized, but understand your mission.

Though death brings pain, it sometimes offers relief to the dying, probably because they have endured much pain. As a business person, try to offer relief to your customers, find solutions that will make your competitors ‘hate’ the same as death.

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