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Joshua Chapata: Using Art Therapy to Heal Social Problems

For some in Zimbabwe, art may not be regarded as a profession, but Joshua Chapata has dedicated the past twelve years to reconstruct that na...

For some in Zimbabwe, art may not be regarded as a profession, but Joshua Chapata has dedicated the past twelve years to reconstruct that narrative.

“Honestly it’s not really a profession in the country,” the 30-year-old Chapata told “Why, because it is considered as a joke, yet it’s actually a career like others. The moment we know that we will appreciate it and give it the recognition it deserves.”

By @Comic24Derick

With a token recognition for the local arts industry, the country has, however, continued to produce great artists in the past, yet, the rewards remain minimal or nonexistent.

But Chapata dared to pursue his craft, choosing to ignore these holdups. Other prominent local artists have only earned fame, with nominal monetary gains.

In Chapata’s revelation, it is a calling that he could not resist, beginning earlier in his life. As a young boy, he discovered his artistic flavor.

“I began art at primary school,” he revealed. “But for the most part of my life, I have been an underground as art was not considered important.”
Joshua Chapata aka Josh Chaps K
The prevailing inhibiting economic conditions in Zimbabwe had caused many artists, including Chapata to temporarily shelve their work.

Lack of funding for art, markets and limited exposure, are other reasons that continue to drive hordes of promising artists underground.

Early in his life, Chapata knew he was an artist. “I remember, I made everyone laugh. I was talkative in class. I have always been a jovial character. This has become my artistic strength.”

The breezy artist has infused those early memories into his creative process. “My strongest childhood character has grown into one of my strengths,” he stated.

“An artist has an important role of telling a much deep and more detailed story with the use of visual presentation,” he said. “In Zimbabwe, we are not used to this but the moment we understand this we will have a story we understand from art.”

While artists are the doorway to a country’s beliefs and culture, some have been victimized for showcasing their creativity.

Chapata is dreaming to take his painting beyond Zimbabwe, regardless of the limitations, the art trade continues to encounter in Zimbabwe.

Rather, he has an international vision.
Joshua Chapata is Seeking Your Assistance to Attend WCOPA in November 2021 
“My dream project is to take abstract expressionism art and therapy across the globe, a natural form of a solution to challenges we face as people,” said the optimistic creative.

As of writing, Chapata has been engaged in art therapy. He holds regular workshops that benefit the public.

“Art therapy is a form of a solution or tablet to various social issues,” he revealed. “So during these classes or sessions, we try to reduce tensions by using a fun and relaxing environment to do so as we vent out.”

Chapata intends to spread art therapy across the country. “It’s growing from when I started it and one of my dreams is to take it across the country as a national project.”

With Zimbabwe classified as the leading least happy country in Africa, art therapy could probably be a solution.

Chapata also utilizes art to address social ills, such as teen pregnancies.

“My favorite artwork was titled: A letter to my son, from your daughter – which represents how in life, young children become parents with a lot of unanswered questions, issues that we would have wanted to sit down and talk with our parents.”
One of Joshua Chapata's Piece
Probed further about his core creative message, Chapata said, “The most integral part of an artist’s work is to be in harmony with yourself, understand and know how you function, relate and fuse that into your work.” asked how he defines his art. “I am an abstract expressionist artist, that’s what my works show and tell,” he said.

In Zimbabwe, Chapatas’ exploits might not be fully appreciated, but outside his country of birth, he has attracted some respect.

“I was selected for the World’s Best Talent International Performing Arts Championships (WCOPA) 2021, as a result of my community-based projects that involved working with kids from schools to have art therapy sessions,” revealed Chapata.

This November, he is scheduled to represent his country on the world stage at WCOPA in Les Vegas. Chapata is ecstatic about the upcoming trip, but first, he must raise the required funds.

“The USA tour will help me to grow my work and brand by rubbing shoulders and learning from various artists and building synergies with international artists from over 70 countries,” said the artist.

To fulfill the upcoming journey, Chapata is asking for your assistance.

“I am currently raising funds to enable me to go for the trip. For now, I don’t have a sponsor. Those who want to help fund the trip can contact me.”

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