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Scaling & Growth: What Really is the Difference?

Whether you like it or not, one these days your business will encounter these two terms: scale and growth. When you are confronted by the tw...

Whether you like it or not, one these days your business will encounter these two terms: scale and growth.

When you are confronted by the two words, you will have to differentiate the two. From the face value, they may sound similar, or are used to try and explain the same thing.

By @Comic24Derick

The obvious challenge is that they may sound similar, or used alternatively in some articles or presentations, although they are different.

Before you face this dilemma, let’s spell it out for you right here. How do you know if you are scaling your business the right way? What are the methods can you use to effectively measure the process?

How can you grow and at the same time avoid the temptation of scaling, if it is possible? Theses are many questions for one article, but the truth is that many entrepreneurs are seeking answers to the same questions each day.

The fact that you are reading this shows that you really want to fix your company and find the right answers. 

If you are one of the confused entrepreneurs looking for guidance, here is some expert advice that can assist you navigate through the thin line between the two words.
“How to scale instead of grow?” (Image:

After reading through, your business acumen will never be the same again. For your benefit, Feras Cherad, corporate consultant at Spendesk, where he helps businesses spend smarter attempts to explain the difference between scale and growth in his article featured by the Spendesk.

“How to scale instead of grow,” Cherad asked, while writing for Spendesk.

Cherad deliberately avoids the attempt to offer an absolute answer, a challenge that many writers may face. Rather, he offers some clues and tips and not a complete remedy. 

He therefore avoids misleading his faithful readers into believing that he has the solution to such a pertinent question that continues to vex many startups.

“It’s impossible to provide that one “secret” to make your company scale exponentially rather than grow. But for those looking for clues and tips, here’s some good guidance,” said Cherad.

Cherad, the writer attempts to clarify the difference between the two terms, and points out the benefits and dangers of each stage to the company. “With scale comes an influx of new talent. Which is great! But most startup leaders spend years carefully building a cohesive company culture, and you need to be sure not to let it slip away.”

For a business to scale without facing much resistance, it needs to focus on the important things and avoid the minor, which may seem attractive. In other words, specialization becomes key for the business. Grace Lau proposed in an article she penned for the Ring Central.

“Depending on your product or service offering, the “ideal” may be different. But determine who or what your ideal is. Then professionally withdraw from the less-than-ideal,” she wrote.

“If you are in a service industry, this may mean referring clients to another professional who serves their market. In a product industry, you may recommend an alternative product,” added Lau.

Lau’s piece is educating entrepreneurs to concentrate on their strengths in order to stay on course and avoid the temptation to divert into other markets because they may look lucrative in the short-term. Every business has its own unique weaknesses.

And before you decide to scale your business, you need to review your operations, locate these mistakes and try to fix them before they grow out of hand. Only then, can you embark on the next stage.

“In the previous step, did you uncover any weaknesses in your business operations? It’s important to address these before scaling,” the Forbes magazine said.

“Scaling your operations means increasing the scope of your: SaaS stack, or the online tools you use to run your business. Do your business apps fit your business now and as you scale? Now is the time to upgrade systems, try new tools and fill in any gaps,” the Forbes writeup elaborates further.

Before you implement a new process, it is imperative to have an independent evaluation of your business, which is not a once off event, but it takes time to achieve.

“How to scale a business doesn’t just involve growing upward and outward – it also means ensuring that your internal processes and operations are functioning seamlessly,” according to PieSync in an article titled: 7 steps to get right before scaling your business.

“The last thing you want is to start losing customers you’ve worked so hard to acquire because some part of your infrastructure is weak,” the PieSync. If your business is continuously losing customers, you are probably not yet ready to scale.

So you need to take time fix the week points. After reading this article, you probably have a clear direction of where you need to go.

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