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Staff Recruitment: Intelligence Yes, But Also Consider These Traits

Before you make the important decision to hire important employees in your business, you must know how much it costs the company to have the...

Before you make the important decision to hire important employees in your business, you must know how much it costs the company to have them on board.

What are they are going to bring to the company that is not already there? You also have to find out their experience, exposure to other entities, and how their presence will benefit your company.

By @Comic24Derick

When you recruit an employee, they will need a salary and other additional benefits such as medical aid, housing, and travel expenses, among other demands.

Always remember, smart people are expensive to hire and are rare to find, but for a business to succeed, it must have them at a certain stage.

Intelligent personnel must complement their acumen with hard work to have a completely productive employee that will make a difference to the company.

Shrad Rao, writing for the Wage Point encourages entrepreneurs to stay tuned to their core business values and operations, and to achieve that you require capable, well-trained people who can deliver excellent results with little or minimum supervision.

Take note that the moment you try to involve yourself in every aspect of running the business or meddle in every decision-making process, you will lose focus, and you are forced to major on a minor decision, such as ordering stationery, which could have been delegated to someone.
“Your team is not just about your employees, though.” (Image:
 “As you grow your business, one of your goals should be hiring smart, talented people to handle various tasks. As a business owner, you can’t be involved in everything, so it’s important to delegate and let other, better-suited people handle the work,” Rao warned.

Rao further says, “But that doesn’t mean you should step back and tune out. Just because it’s being handled, doesn’t mean you’re not involved.”

When your business succeeds in your absence, you must take the credit for it because you have trained people to function efficiently in your absence. 

And when your employees can work independently, they feel they are part of the system and they will give you more. The failure or success of your workforce is a clear reflection of your ability to hire smart people that will add value to the company.

Pie Sync insists on scaling your team, another way to mean hiring the right personnel for the business. “As you scale your startup or business, there’s a high chance you'll need to hire to fill the gaps in your strategy and bring in specialists for key areas.”

With every growth, there are openings and need to bring in people who are capable of managing a big organization, and these are specialists in every department of the company.

“There’s no one right way to scale a team, but it’s one of the most important things to get right – and one of the most common business expansion problems. Many startups hire too fast and have to make equally fast layoffs, which has dangerous repercussions for your brand, wider team performance, and financial stability.”

Hiring people is not about increasing the numbers but it is intended to bring quality and efficiency in running the business smoothly. The Entrepreneur magazines concur with Pie Sync on the procedure to follow when you are hiring the right people.

The magazine refers to them as a team, instead of employees because a team is a collective arm that functions well within the system. They are willing to take responsibility for their successes and failures.

When you have the right team as part of your management, your company is destined for greatness. “It may seem obvious that establishing a strong team is a prerequisite for scaling a business – you can’t handle everything on your own,” the article said.

“Developing a management team that is flexible and can grow with the company is an important component when it comes to learning how to scale a business. Your team is not just about your employees, though.”

For management to fit well into the system, they must first know their role in the new system, more advanced from the original one. If the employees fail to grow at the same time with the company, it is obvious that they are at the wrong company.

Feras Cherad simplifies the secret surrounding the issue of scaling a business. “Grow, scale, succeed. Hopefully, this article has helped to demystify the nuances around growth and scaling,” Cherad wrote.

Adding that, “In truth, both are important and the difference for companies is often a matter of timing. From there, successful scaling is part planning, part effort, and plenty of good luck!”

According to Cherad in the Spendesk article, besides having smart personnel, you must have a clear strategy that is driven by a lot of hard work in the background for it to work. In addition to this, you also need to have luck on your side.

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