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Business Companion: Mastering The Networking Art

Every person needs a companion that will hold his or her hand in times of triumph or trouble. We all need to be loved. And in business, you ...

Every person needs a companion that will hold his or her hand in times of triumph or trouble.

We all need to be loved. And in business, you need good connections that will help you grow. No man is an island. Without other people to help you, you cannot make it far in life. You need me, and I need you to make it in life.

By @Comic24Derick

When you associate with people, you have more experience than you, they will link you to other people. If you choose not to network, you will miss available opportunities.

But when you develop important links and people who can give you recommendations, you will certainly make it in life. 

People who are successful today chose to be associated with other influential people who have a higher rank than them.

According to The Balance Small Business, which provides clear, practical advice on entrepreneurship and management encourages the cultivation of networks.

“Entrepreneurs practicing the art of business success know the power of networks. They take the time to identify and build relationships with key peers, mentors, and advisors,” says The Balance Small Business.
If you choose not to network, you will miss available opportunities.

Friendships with great people are important. If you maintain them, they will take you far in life and business. Invest in good networks and they will reward you handsomely.

Darrell Zahorsky, the writer for the Balance Small Business adds: “This inner network provides support, direction and an increased number of people to assist. Having an inner network of five people who have a network of five more, grows the network exponentially.”

Another proven and effective business habit for successful business people is to become a “deep practitioner” in business skills.

“Gary Vaynerchuk, the chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia, recommends going deep in a particular business skill until you become an expert,” Justin Biel wrote in the Oracle NetSuite.”

To become a successful entrepreneur, you must take time to train yourself and become a specialist in that field. It adds: “An award-winning internet personality, he’s sent each of his tweets — which now number over 170,000 — himself.”

Ideas are important for a business to grow, says the CB Nation. “Qualitative planning ensures business success and increases teamwork and productivity. As a business owner, I can say that nowadays it is rather difficult to manage products without clear plans and strategy and appropriate tools for these aims.”

You need clear planning that will elevate your company above the rest. Always have a clear vision of where you want to go before you get there.

“My habit is to schedule everything around. In marketing, any global strategy or a separate initiative should be detailed and well planned as well. It’s better to visualize any idea at the start and multi-level marketing roadmaps are helpful for this purpose.”

By definition, a routine is a sequence of actions you follow regularly. If you follow this guideline, you will develop a habit that will propel you to bigger platforms.

“The first daily habit to get into that successful entrepreneurs do is creating a routine. Creating a routine will help you use your time effectively instead of using that time trying to figure out what to do or getting distracted by the latest social media posting,” according to

If you do a certain task repeatedly, for a long time it eventually becomes part of you. A defined routine will help you keep you focused, knowing that you have a target that you must meet. Pick a time and post where you can accomplish your tasks without any disturbances.

“When I say create a routine, I mean pick certain times throughout the week that you’re always going to use to work on your business. Whether this time is in the morning, during your lunch break, or late at night when everyone is asleep is up to you.”

Again, John Jantsch is featured in Duct Tape Marketing reiterating the importance of getting up early before everyone else does. “Get up early. So, let’s start with a tough on right off.”

People who rise early can plan their day before they embark on other tasks for the day. “Successful business owners get a tremendous amount of focused work done from about 5 am to 7 am.”

“Now, this may or may not be client work. It’s just as likely to be journaling, meditating, or planning the week, but it’s how they get a jump on the coming storm of the day,” Jantsch added.

For Jantsch, waking up early has given him ample time to focus with little or no disturbances from family.

He testified: “I started this habit myself in an attempt to get a few things knocked out before my children got up and it stuck even after they moved on. For me, it seems like the only quiet time that exists in the day.”

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