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Business Hacks: Do This and Retain Your Customers

Have you imagined how many people are visiting your shop for window shopping only? And after a brief stop, they don’t return to but anything...

Have you imagined how many people are visiting your shop for window shopping only?

And after a brief stop, they don’t return to but anything. If you care to track their shopping habits, you will find some interesting trends.

By @Comic24Derick

One way you can achieve that is by collecting their contact information, and you can retarget them so that they may become your customers.

Think of it as cold calling that is used by the sales department. They will randomly pick a phone number of a prospect who has previously engaged with the business and call them to tell them about their products. 

If you can convince them, you have got yourself a customer. “Use Facebook and Google customer-retargeting,” urged Syed Balkhi writing in the Entrepreneur magazine.

“According to Digital Strategy Consulting, the average customer makes nine visits to a website before purchasing, so retargeting is a valuable growth hack to get those purchases you might have otherwise missed out on,” added Balkhi.
Knowing the habits of your potential customers is important. (Image: 
Knowing the habits of your potential customers is important. Rarely, will a customer purchase on the initial visit. However, it happens, you cannot record it as a trend but a coincidence.

Collecting information and monitoring the behavior of people visiting your website is crucial for the business, so take advantage of it and make use of it. 

Unlike, print ads that may not have a specific audience, using Facebook and Google will certainly bring a different result, so invest in them.

Balkhi added: “Facebook and Google retargeting involves a pixel you add to your site that then enables you to show targeted ads to users who have previously visited your website.”

If there is a time that the use of virtual offices has made more impact, it is during the current coronavirus pandemic. With the virus wreaking havoc, companies around the world are now appreciating the importance of a virtual office.

Supporting the idea of a virtual office, Jeff Charles said: “Sometimes, people become overwhelmed by all of the different functions and tasks they must handle. On top of that, if you’re renting office space, you are likely spending tons of money that could be better used in other areas of your business operations.”

Office rentals, especially for a startup could overwhelm the business. Rather than spend money on offices, why not invest in the latest technology and operate virtually. 

Such a setup will not limit you because of distance. It is not a barrier but it is an advantage for startups who cannot afford to rent offices. You can do business from anywhere in the world.

“This is where virtual offices come in. There are plenty of services that offer virtual office solutions for the busy business owner.” 

“They provide you with a physical address while also giving you administration services, and they are far less expensive than renting an office,” added Charles in his article for the Small Business Trends.

Are you a person who cannot spend a few minutes away from social media? An overdose of social media can be detrimental. Try to stay away from its addiction, by avoiding social media when you have other tasks on your plate.

“Social media is even more distracting than email. One minute you’re just reading a chat, the next thing you know, you’ve already wasted 40 minutes aimlessly browsing your newsfeed,” Catherine Vanvonno points out.

To avoid falling into this trap, Vanvonno suggests that: “Mute your phone or social media notifications when you’re working. If you’re updating your company’s social channels, log out of your personal accounts so you don’t get tempted to peek into your homepage.”

Other business hacks that will benefit your business are things that you might take lightly, like mediation. On contrary, the Creative Click Media points out its clear benefits.

In addition to exercise, why don’t you incorporate this concept into your daily workouts, and see how it pans out. “Meditation has been instrumental to my productivity. I start every day with meditation to clear my mind so I’m ready to bring my best,” the article articulates.

“It helps me become more focused, less stressed, and have a higher level of awareness throughout the day. That awareness can help you minimize distractions and maximize productivity.”

Alice Jackson agitates for discounts. “Some businesses spend a lot of money on business meets and CEOs. But they ignore small things like giving away stuff to customers. They just refuse to give discounts and do not want to earmark funds for social media ads as well as search engine marketing.”

Jackson advocates for businesses to invest in enticing customers. Remember, the small things that you do will go a long way.

The Design Hill article adds: “The fact is that these measures are great business hacks. For example, if you provide graphic design services, you can offer attractive discounts to attract more clients in the starting phase of your business.”

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