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Fill the Gaps: The Good, Urgent and Significant

Have you ever taken time to record the total hours you spend on tasks that are less important for your business’s progress and how it may af...

Have you ever taken time to record the total hours you spend on tasks that are less important for your business’s progress and how it may affect your work output?

If you are not careful in your planning and you don’t prioritize, you will end up doing less productive work.

By @Comic24Derick

If you fail to plan carefully, you will overcrowd your daily schedule with less important tasks. In the end, you will accomplish nothing.

So you need to understand what is important and what needs to be done first and last, in that order. One way that can enable you to plan effectively is when you have a diary to write down your tasks, and commit yourself to follow them through.

The CB Nation, warns that “Don’t occupy yourself with work that doesn’t move the needle. Understand the difference between good or urgent and significant. Get rid of tasks that do not support your core purpose or move you closer to your goal.”

You must learn to classify the tasks that need to be attended in the short term, and you pay attention to them. Tasks that require more time can be deferred to a later date.

Alternatively, “Eliminating tasks could mean delegating them to someone else or not doing them altogether. Focus your time on your true purpose, and watch your efficacy take a quantum leap,” as suggested by the CB Nation.
“Focus away from business and profits, and toward what you can do to improve the lives of your customers.”
By giving your tasks to someone else, you will lessen your responsibilities, and focus on duties that require your attention, such as management and administration. While most entrepreneurs find it hard to delegate, those who have done it, have seen their businesses grow.

“Fill the gaps,” declares John Jantsch, writer at the Duct Tape Marketing. If you may ask, what are the gaps that must be filled?

Again, Jantsch’s writeup offers the response. “Successful business owners seem to always be asking what’s missing. This can develop into a distraction, but when you stay really, really close to your customer you can start to recognize gaps in what you have, how you communicate, and what they want.”

Taking time to understand your customers will equip you with what they are yearning for, as opposed to what you think they need. For you to know the kind of solutions your customers are seeking, you must go to them and speak to them directly.

“There are few better ways to succeed in business than to find a need and fill it – all the better when that need exists in people who already trust you to serve them. The key is to understand your customer’s world and journey to get the information, products, and services they seek,” added Jantsch.

According to the Balance Small Business article, authored by Darrell Zahorsky a business must focus on those people who help them pay the bills, calling it customer-centric.

“Business success requires an unwavering commitment to the customer. This commitment encompasses a mindset of understanding the customers’ world. Understanding the customers’ wants and needs provides the business with a greater opportunity to earn a loyal customer base.”

“Focus away from business and profits, and toward what you can do to improve the lives of your customers.” Happy customers will come back to your company. Invest more to make them happy, and they will help you spread your business to other people.

While it is important to wake up early in the morning, you must also choose the time to be in control of your business.

“Before I started my own business, I was a speaker for Anthony Robbins and we were required to work out before we started our day. (I was in such great shape then!) Now, as a business owner myself, I still carry on this habit if I’m traveling,” noted the CB Nation.

Dedicating some time to your personal development, exercise will greatly enhance your ability to manage the tasks ahead of you. Working out early in the morning prepares your mind to be more focused.

The CB Nation added: “I listen to Tony Robbins “Hour of Power.” It leads you through breath walking, and visualization of your day and puts you in the best mindset!”

A morning exercise session is not time-wasting. You might not see the effects immediately, but as you develop and maintain the habit, you will begin to notice the benefits.

“If you don’t know what your goals are and are not continuously focusing on what you want out of the day, at best you will be reacting to the day’s distractions,” continued the CB Nation. “As an entrepreneur, you must take control of your day!”

To have a full grasp of the delay ahead, it is vital to begin emphatically. For example, a good breakfast, followed by a thorough workout can be your magical formula.

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