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Startups Menu: Business Scaling Process Revealed

After reading these articles on scaling your business, you are now ready to do the practical thing. Below we give you a round-up on the impo...

After reading these articles on scaling your business, you are now ready to do the practical thing.

Below we give you a round-up on the important points to help you go through the process successfully. 

If you are faithful enough and implement all the advice that you were offered through the articles that you have read, you will not go wrong in your business.

While you are implementing the scaling process, we urge you to refer to the first articles on the same topic and follow what they teach you. There is no limit to education.

Business owners who read widely will easily grow their startups. This article is a summary of the main points that have been highlighted in this series on how to scale your business.

The Small Biz Club, which is among the most quoted magazine urges entrepreneurs to “Focus on delighting your customers.”

This statement has been stressed in previous articles, and here, it is repeated for emphasis and to show the importance of customers in your business. And once again, if you ignore them, you will not go far as an entrepreneur.
While you are implementing the scaling process... (Image:
“While customer acquisition is important in any business, you need to focus on the customers you have. Customer perceptions can make or break a business. If you deliver quality experiences, products, and service, and you make every effort to delight your customers, then they’ll sing your praises.”

To remain relevant in business, always remember your customers. Focus on their needs first and they will become loyal to the business. Always be ready to offer what your customers desire, after all, they are the heartbeat of your business.

Tony Robbins teaches the art of delegating. “If you’ve built a strong team, you should have enough trust in them to delegate many important tasks so you can work “on” the business instead of “in” it.”

Don’t be involved in every aspect of your business. Learn to trust the team that you have taken the time to recruit. Once you start to trust your employees, they will give more to the business.

“However, as a business owner, you want to feel like you’re involved in every aspect of your company and will sometimes have a hard time letting go in certain areas. To learn how to scale a business, you must delegate tasks to those on your team. What are you doing that someone else could handle?” Robbins added.

As a business owner, you must know when to draw the line. Until you know when to draw the line before you sign a deal, you have now matured in your business.

The biggest temptation for many startups is to accept every business deal that they are offered. Word of advice: take your time before you sign a deal. Not every deal that promises better returns is good for you, so take heed.

Forbes says, “Consider A Season of ‘No’. Entrepreneurs like to say “yes.” They want to say “yes” to everything and often find themselves chasing after all the shining "yeses" that inspire them.”

Take time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of scaling your business before you proceed. “However, one of the best tools for any startup is the ability to say “no.” Startups that have scaled too quickly should consider a season of “no.”

This is a healthy boundary for a set block of time that enables the leader to stay on track,” Ken Gosnell, CEO of Experience told Forbes magazine.

Every business is unique, even though the products and services offered might be similar to a competitor. Invest time to find out what makes your business special, and what you better than others. 

Customers are attracted to your exceptionality, and if you focus on that, you will make it in business.

Said the Ring Central: “Emphasize what makes you different or better. No matter what you’re offering, you’re going to have competitors.”

“Even if your products and services are totally unique, there will always be alternatives that could take your business away. If it’s not clear why customers should choose you instead of one of those alternatives, scaling can be a challenge,” Ring Central added. 

The Score concluded by suggesting outsourcing. When you recruit staff from diverse backgrounds, it will expose your business to other talents who may earn less, and saving your company money.

“Find staff or strategically outsource,” the Score commended. “Last but certainly not least, are the hands needed to carry out the work. Technology gives huge leverage, but at the end of the day you still need people.”

Before you recruit employees, take time to search and interview your employees. “Do you have enough customer service staff? Look at industry benchmarks to determine a rule of thumb for how many customers one service rep can be expected to handle,” concluded the Score.

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