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Pitch Perfect: Can You Describe Yourself in 30 Seconds?

Can you describe yourself in less than 30 seconds?  In those few seconds, can you deliver the key points concerning yourself and your busine...

Can you describe yourself in less than 30 seconds? 

In those few seconds, can you deliver the key points concerning yourself and your business to make an eternal impression on your listener?

By @Comic24Derick

This moment is your opportunity to present yourself to the next person. If you are a salesperson, market, or something of that nature, it is an opportunity to get noticed. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what is called elevator speech – describing yourself and what you can do.

To demonstrate the significance of an elevator speech, the Business Balls boldly said. “Use these principles also in text-based descriptions for the web and printed materials, etc.,” the article stated.

Don’t waste the opportunity to describe yourself when you are given the chance. Always have a speech that you have practiced, and perfect it for future use. Know what you need to say, when to do so, and when to conclude.

“This is commonly called an ‘elevator speech’ or ‘elevator pitch’ - as if you were to meet a potentially important contact for the first time in an elevator at a conference and he/she asks you: “What do you do?” You have no more than 20 seconds - perhaps just 10-15 seconds - between floors to explain, and to make such an impressive impact that the person asks for your contact details,” added Business Balls.

Here, we emphasize the importance of developing strong relationships, as stated by Prosperity Place.

“Networking is not about selling, but rather developing relationships that can lead to sales or referrals. The idea is to get to know people and allow them to get to know you.”
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what is called elevator speech – describing yourself and what you can do. (Image:
Take the idea of meeting other business owners seriously. Carefully select what you need to say. This is an occasion to let others appreciate your presence and gauge your value. First impressions are crucial. Make other congregates see your value.

For you to become part of the closed circles, you must have something to contribute. It may take time, but if you keep knocking, you will soon realize the benefits.

Prosperity Place added: “Often, people approach networking with the hope of making a sale or getting a client after one visit to an appropriate group. That’s not how it works. People do business with those they know and trust and it can take time to build up that knowledge and trust.”

Being a social being doesn’t make you a party animal, these are two different characters altogether. So after you knock off from work, find time to interact with other people in your circles.

“Get social in your off-hours,” said April Maguire for Business Know How. “Just because you’re off the clock doesn’t mean it’s time to stop networking. If you want to expand your reach, make an effort to chat with attendees at your health club or Pilates class.”

Grab the opportunity to mingle with other parents at school grounds, funerals, wherever you meet people. Network for fun, and you will see your influence growing larger.

“You can even make business connections at your child’s school activities and sports events. After all, parents are typically looking for something to chat about besides what’s happening on the soccer field!” added the Business Know How.

If at first, you don’t succeed, keep on trying, this is a concept that Nancy Michaels used and it produced good results, according to Entrepreneur magazine. 

“Use ingenuity to meet specific contacts who can help. Ms. Michaels of Impression Impact wanted to meet Bruce Nelson, chairman, and CEO of Office Depot, but didn’t know how.”

And after failing to meet her targeted mentor, Michaels employed the idea to participate in an auction. This secured her the meeting; she was yearning for.

“When she attended a Success Strategy for Business Women Conference in Boca Raton, Fla., sponsored by the office retailer, she made a winning bid of $1,050 at a silent auction to have lunch with Mr. Nelson,” added the Entrepreneur.

Shun people and you will kiss your business goodbye. Invest time in mining great ideas from people who have done something in life. But to encounter such great minds, you must invest time to join them. Join specific platforms, review your associates’ profiles. 

Ask questions. Comment on their posts. Only then, can they trust you to be part of their organization?

“Join networking groups,” says The Balance Small Business’s Susan Ward. “The best business networking groups operate as exchanges of business information, ideas, and support.”

Birds of the same feather flock together. Realize where you can fit. Know your value and put it to use. 

“There are many groups online that offer networking services and communities—LinkedIn is an example of a large networking group or site that can bring professionals together,” added The Balance Small Business.

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