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#JusticeForBafanaSithole: Learner’s Last Words After Rape Allegations

The #JusticeForBafanaSithole gained traction over this weekend after news spread of the Mpumalanga learner who died by suicide allegedly aft...

The #JusticeForBafanaSithole gained traction over this weekend after news spread of the Mpumalanga learner who died by suicide allegedly after he was falsely accused of rape.

The Grade 11 pupil from Kriel Hoërskool in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, allegedly died by suicide within the school premises on Thursday.

According to the provincial education department, Sithole allegedly hanged himself in the classroom storage area on Thursday morning. 

At the time, the department said that the circumstances that led to this incident were unknown but the days that followed revealed he planned his own death after he was allegedly falsely accused of rape by another classmate.

Mpumalanga education spokesperson Gerald Sambo confirmed the incident adding that one of the teachers found the learner’s body hanging in one of the classroom.

"The learners are currently writing their year-end exams and they had just finished writing the examination, some other learners had already left to go home and one of the educators went back into the classroom where the learner was found and already, he had hanged himself.
#JusticeForBafanaSithole: Learner’s Last Words After Rape Allegations

“They called him the medical practitioners together with the local doctor who came in, they tried to resuscitate the child but unfortunately it was already too late, " Sambo said.

He said the department would visit the school to offer support to the family and the affected learners. Some officials visited the school on Friday to get more details around the incident and provide support.

In what is believed to be an emotional suicide note written by Sithole to his mother, and which has since gone viral on social media, Sithole says his soul will not rest in peace as he has been sent to death by those who claimed he was a rapist.

“Mama I hope this letter finds you. By the time you are reading this, I’ll already be gone. Let me love you and leave you,” says the start of the emotional letter.

On Twitter, Kay-Geezle @kagiso_mmotlana wrote: “The young man knew the system would fail him and not just now but even in future this allegation was going to close a lot of doors for him. He was going to labelled a rapist for the rest of his life. #JusticeForBafanaSithole”

Well-known Twitter parody account Man's Not Barry Roux wrote: “The justice system has failed men in this world that they bow to think death is the only way out because no one is gonna believe a boy anyways even with circumstantial evidence he was gonna go to jail. #JusticeForBafanaSithole.”

The provincial department is expected to visit the Mpumalanga school and offer counselling sessions to all those affected. - IOL 

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