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Chief Azwindini Mukwevho: Muvhango Star Leaves Soapie After 23 Years

Gabriel Temudzani is leaving SABC2's renowned soapie Muvhango after 23 years of playing Chief Azwindini Mukwevho.  Entertainment comment...

Gabriel Temudzani is leaving SABC2's renowned soapie Muvhango after 23 years of playing Chief Azwindini Mukwevho. 

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela tweeted that Temudzani is expected to exit Muvhango on 8 May.

Immediately after the news dropped, Mzansi expressed how heartbreaking it was to hear about Chief Azwindini's exit. Many people grew up watching Temudzani and consider the character Azwindini integral to the main plot of Muvhango.

According to Drum, Temudzani stated that even though he's nothing like Chief Azwindini, he still learned valuable life lessons from the character. Temudzani has always insisted that he is far different from his character Azwindini on Muvhango.

But he has been compassionate towards him and has grown alongside his character and learnt some real-life lessons. “From the time I started acting on Muvhango, I have grown and been on a roller coaster ride with Azwindini," he says.
Chief Azwindini Mukwevho: Muvhango Star Leaves Soapie After 23 Years 

“I watched him evolve from being a stubborn chief to a leader with humility. He has made lots of positive strides and has also made several mistakes including neglecting his own wives and entertaining other women. He has made bad leadership decisions in the past, but with every chapter in his life, there has always been a lesson to learn for me and the viewers,” Gabriel says.

In the current storyline, Muvhango puts the spotlight on the dynamics of power shifts when chief Azwindini falls from grace and loses his chieftainship.

“Azwindini finds his comfortable life disrupted when he loses his chieftainship, he loses his wife to his enemy, his social standing is compromised, and he is reduced to the lower life,” says Gabriel. “That experience alone has allowed me to challenge my acting skills and to prove that I am truly a diverse actor,” he adds.

In 2022, Elsie Rasalanavho left the soapie, after 23 years. At the celebration of its 25th birthday at SABC studios in Auckland Park on Thursday, 7 April, the soapie announced that Elsie, who plays the role of Vho-Mukondeleli, was leaving.

She took to the stage in song with the cast and crew, and shared on her journey with Muvhango.

“My journey wasn’t that easy because I was a teacher. I had to teach children and during weekends, act. On Friday afternoons, I would take a bus to Joburg. It was hectic because when I went back on Sunday, I had to go to school on Monday. But somehow, I managed,” she said.

She added that during holidays when other people were resting, she was shooting for Muvhango. “I couldn’t have done this without the support of my colleagues, executive producer and production house.”

Elsie said she would miss her co-actresses Regina Nesengani (Vho-Masindi) and Eunice Mabeta (Vho-Makhadzi), who are close to her. “My sisters, I’ll miss our lunchtime; sharing food. We even shared scripts and modified them to bring them out the way we thought it would work,” she said.

Founder and executive producer of the show Duma Ka Ndlovu said: “I thank South Africa for giving me the opportunity to tell stories. The best of Muvhango was not easy, and most of the struggles people don’t know about. I was coming from the USA; back from exile. There was a lot of animosity. I became the king of understatement.

“I’m grateful to viewers and for the fact that on any show we watch today, there’s at least one actor from Muvhango. We wanted to transform television, and we did. I thank God, who gave us the dream and vision. I thank the cast and crew that I have worked with all these years,” he said. - Online Sources 

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