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Saviour Kasukuwere: 'End of Road' for Tyson's Presidential Bid

It is end of the road for aspiring presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere, after the Supreme Court dismissed his appeal challenging his d...

It is end of the road for aspiring presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere, after the Supreme Court dismissed his appeal challenging his disqualification from running for the presidency.

Previously, the High Court ruled in favour of an activist, Lovedale Mangwana, who claimed that the Nomination Court approved Kasukuwere's candidature despite the fact that he had been away from his own constituency for more than 18 months.

According to ZimLive reports that after an examination of the presented evidence and arguments from both legal teams, the Court concluded that the appeal lacks merit.

‘We carefully considered the evidence and oral submissions by both counsels. The court is of the view the appeal lacks merit. The appeal be and is hereby dismissed.’

Two weeks ago, the High Court issued a verdict preventing independent presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere from participating in the upcoming general elections.
Saviour Kasukuwere: End of Road for Tyson's Presidential Bid 

The court’s ruling was based on findings that Kasukuwere had violated both the constitution and the electoral act, leading to his disqualification from running for any office in the elections.

The decision to bar Saviour Kasukuwere from contesting the upcoming general elections came about after ZANU PF activist and lawyer Lovedale Mangwana filed an application seeking to prevent the former from running.

In the application, Mangwana cited Kasukuwere’s prolonged absence from Zimbabwe as the basis for the disqualification.

He stated that he had been residing outside Zimbabwe for over 18 months. According to Mangwana’s interpretation, this extended absence automatically disqualified Kasukuwere as a registered voter in his constituency, which, in turn, rendered him ineligible to run for office in the upcoming general elections.

In his application, Mangwana stated: 

“The 1st respondent (Kasukuwere) has not been resident in any constituency in the Republic of Zimbabwe for a period in excess of 18 consecutive months and his name cannot, by that circumstance, be retained on the voter’s roll.”

Mangwana further contended that the nomination court had erred in accepting Kasukuwere’s candidacy papers, as his extended absence from the country and constituency meant that he had ceased to be a registered voter.

Commenting on the outcome on his twitter account, Kusukuwere said, "Disappointed, and we are now considering our next steps and will keep the nation informed. God bless."

His lawyer said they would appeal the judgment, adding that, "As a nation we are on the eve of a constitutional and electoral crisis," his lawyer Method Ndlovu said. 

Meanwhile, Nick Mangawana, the Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary tweeted that, "Mr Lovedale Mangwana @LovedaleMangwa2 has won at the Supreme Court. The appeal by Mr
@Hon_Kasukuwere has been dismissed. He is off the ballot." - Online Sources 

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