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Tiyambuke 2023: Prophetess Memory Matimbire

Prophetess Memory Matimbire is a woman of prayer. In 2019, she revealed that she had received the grace for prayer. In a vision, she encount...

Prophetess Memory Matimbire is a woman of prayer. In 2019, she revealed that she had received the grace for prayer.

In a vision, she encountered the late Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, who told her that, “go and teach the nation to pray, go and do all night prayers.”

Since that encounter, she has held massive prayer vigils, that have attracted thousands of worshipers. She has formed an oversubscribed Ndadhinhiwa Prayer Group on social media.

The Ndadhinhiwa (I am fed up) Prayer Group was started by Memory Matimbire in April 2018. On its Facebook page, the official name is indicated as Daughters of Virtue: Ndadhinhiwa Prayer Group. In Zimbabwe, it is just referred to as 'Ndadhinhiwa'.

The group is interdenominational and its mission is to deliver and equip women to their full potential while its vision is to build a generation of women who are fully equipped in prayer and in the knowledge of God until they inherit their God-given promises.

The group runs weekly prayer sessions that are held every Wednesday on the 'Prophetess Mountain' in Glen Norah B (a high density suburb in Harare). It is important to note that the Ndadhinhiwa Prayer Group emerges as one among many NPMs on the Zimbabwean soil.

Tiyambuke 2023: Prophetess Memory Matimbire  

Its uniqueness lies in that it is being led by a woman and appears to have taken Zimbabwe by storm due to the militancy with which Matimbire delivers her messages.

Memory Matimbire traces her call to ministry to her experiences as a barren woman (though she later gave birth to a baby boy). She was barren for years after marriage and was made to understand how women failing to conceive feel.

It was from this experience that she claims God anointed her to go and help other women (hence, she holds prayer sessions for barren women so that they can conceive).

After the 'anointing', she says she started fasting, as well as going for prayer retreats at secluded places such as Mutemwa, Domboshawa, Ngomakurira Mountains and other hills in Marondera and Goromonzi. It is during such times that Matimbire claims God dealt with her character and set her apart for an assignment.

She also claims that God is the one who gave her the power to pray for people facing problems that forced her to fast, pray, and visit various places seeking his 'face'. Matimbire has led the group in various activities, some of which were at a national level.

At the time of writing, the group boasted of an international presence. Hence, at times it is referred to as the Daughters of Virtue International Ministries. It is, however, not clear whether beyond Zimbabwe's borders it is also referred to as the Ndadhinhiwa Prayer Group.

While she has been invited to preach in other countries under the banner of the group, the group has also invited other famous women preachers on the African continent.

Apart from the visible leader, Memory Matimbire, the leadership structure of the group is not very clear. Perhaps as the group continues to grow, the leadership structure will also become visible. 

In one of her popular sermons, she said, “There were daughters of Zelophehad. The daughters who were now sick and tired. They heard the rumour that God had said to Moses, when you enter Canaan, as you are allocating land, give to male only.”

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