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Bird's TenX: Ten African Countries at the Top of the Press Freedom Index

Press freedom has emerged as a crucial barometer of Africa's democratic progress.  Across the continent, ten nations are scripting a new...

Press freedom has emerged as a crucial barometer of Africa's democratic progress. 

Across the continent, ten nations are scripting a new narrative of empowerment and transparency, where a bold and free media is not just a dream but a burgeoning reality. This list was compiled with the help of the online data-gathering platform, Statista.


Namibia's position as a leader in African press freedom is no accident. The country's media is offered a political and legislative environment that actively supports the free exercise of journalism. 

This commitment reflects Namibia's understanding of the crucial role of the press in a thriving democracy, setting a high standard for press freedom on the continent.

South Africa

In South Africa, the media serves as a formidable force for accountability, showcasing a long-standing tradition of investigative journalism. 

Despite occasional challenges, including the safety of journalists, the media continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the nation's democratic discourse, unafraid to challenge and expose even the most powerful figures.

Cape Verde

This island nation demonstrates a strong commitment to press freedom, enshrined in its Constitution.

Bird's TenX: Ten African Countries at the Top of the Press Freedom Index

 While the media landscape is somewhat dominated by state-owned entities, the overall environment remains conducive to journalistic endeavour, balancing governmental influence with a commitment to free expression.


Over the past decade, Seychelles has made significant strides to enhance media pluralism and diversity. With around ten media outlets, the archipelago demonstrates a commitment to broadening the scope of journalistic expression and addressing major societal issues.


Gambia's transformation in terms of press freedom is nothing short of extraordinary. Following the end of a long-standing dictatorship, the nation has embraced media liberty, creating a safer and more vibrant environment for journalists. This change signals a new era in Gambian democracy and governance.

Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression is a significant milestone. The media landscape here navigates the complex interplay of political influence and journalistic integrity, striving to maintain a balance between the two.

Burkina Faso

Despite recent political and security challenges, Burkina Faso's commitment to press freedom remains a guiding principle. This commitment is crucial in ensuring that media continues to serve as a pillar of society and a watchdog for the public.


In Niger, the media operates within a challenging regional context, marked by security concerns and counter-terrorism efforts. Despite these hurdles, there is a noticeable commitment to upholding press freedom, a testament to the nation's dedication to democratic values.


Ghana's vibrant media scene is a testament to its robust democratic principles. The proliferation of media outlets across the nation underscores the constitutional protections afforded to the press, allowing for a diverse and dynamic media landscape.


Mauritius, with its democratic ideals, faces the modern challenge of media polarization and online attacks against journalists. These issues underscore the evolving nature of press freedom in the digital era, highlighting the need for continuous vigilance and adaptation. - bird agency

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