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Glory Ministries’ forthcoming TICC commemoration gathers momentum

THE 2015 version of Glory Ministries, Holy Ghost Revival, a precursor to the globally acclaimed Tiyambuke International Christian Conve...

THE 2015 version of Glory Ministries, Holy Ghost Revival, a precursor to the globally acclaimed Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC), is now in motion. 

Held yearly in June, the revival is themed Total Deliverance in unification with the ministries 2015 theme of Mega Prosperity. Bethel Worship Centre, the venue of healing and deliverance will host the two week revival set to run from 1 to 14 June. 

Prominent speakers including the host Apostle Pride Sibiya, plus the ever-roaming Evangelist Paul Saungweme of Jesus for Africa Evangelist Ministries (JFAEM) are set to break the chilling weather with their unequivocal preaching. 

The revival officially got underway on Monday, 1st of June with an emphatic message on the importance of “reclaiming the ark of the covenant in order for Christians to witness total prosperity in their respective lives.” And the next two weeks are set to establish a solid base for the ministry and its endeavours. 

The revival is a follow up to the 14th celebrations to mark the existence of Glory Ministries which founded in 2001, in Chitungwiza. All 35 assemblies across three southern African nations commemorated the birthday earlier this year, while 2015 will also mark 20 years of ministry for Apostle Sibiya. 

This year’s Tiyambuke Christian Convention (TICC) is named: Footprints of Legends. Footprints of Legends are a hallmark of prominent servants of God who have diligently served in God's Kingdom without queries about their conduct. TICC 2015 installment slated for September is set to mark a lasting legacy for Glory Ministries as a dual observation for Glory Ministries in its 14th year of existence. 

The church was established in the humble settings of Chitungwiza. Since then, it has spread its influence. Footprints are a sign of celebration; it is an Ebenezer moment for the ministry which has accomplished a lot in its 14 years of existence. It is an episode that reveals thanksgiving to the Almighty for His everlasting grace upon the ministry and its worthy leadership. 

To honour this historic event, the anticipated presence of legendary preachers such as Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, Apostle Gurupira, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Evangelist Paul Saungweme among others, has raised curiosity and will certainly release an impartation to the ministry and other Christians in attendance. Their prints will leave a tangible shift at Bethel Worship Centre which is posed to host the September forum.  

As part of the programme, every legend will step into a mold that will be preserved in a Cathedral of Empowerment, which will be a lasting impartation symbol for Glory Ministries. This futuristic cause has aroused a lot of anticipation that will trace the ministries’ past and ask where they can adjust in future. 

These legendary preachers will have access to the ministry and give a leadership postmortem of what Glory Ministries has accomplished to date and what they can learn. 

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