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Glory Ministries unveils forthcoming TICC attractions

By Tinzwei THE concluding episode of the Glory Ministry Total Deliverance Revival featured giants in the Kingdom of God who are also ...

By Tinzwei

THE concluding episode of the Glory Ministry Total Deliverance Revival featured giants in the Kingdom of God who are also drafted to minister and bless congregates during the impending 2015 Tiyambuke International Christian Convention slotted for August.

The last three days showcased highlights of the looming TICC featuring the nomadic Evangelist Paul Saungweme Jesus for Africa Ministries (JFAM) along with the host Apostle Pride Sibiya. The duo embrace a combined 60 years of ministering God’s word.

Kingdom keys
In his arousing sermon, the ever-witty Evangelist Saungweme proclaimed, “Faith comes by hearing the word of God. He knows you no matter what you are enduring. Everyone needs God and His true servants. Your friends left you in trouble but God will visit you tonight. Take stock of your life and tonight there must be change.”   

With an undisputed 40 years of ministry under his belt dating back to 1975, few if any will query his influence in God’s Kingdom. His second sermon culminated in a prayer that saw many being delivered of their various sicknesses and left spell bound with God’s anointing.

“God fly with flyers and He walks with the walkers. Let’s cross over tonight. Wait for Jesus in prayer, He is coming. Welcome God in your life, business and school. Take Jesus to your home,” he said taking his sermon from (Luke 8: 40-41).     

Borrowing from the TICC concept, Apostle Sibiya revealed that the church is the gate of heaven. The church must stand in defence like a football match. Key is the legal entry into God’s agenda. TICC is a yearly Christian convention hosted by Glory Ministries meant to thrust believers into a new realm.   

Who is Evangelist Saungweme?
Called at a tender age of 18 to evangelise years, he has never looked back since then. 40 years later, he has traversed the globe to preach Christ, including the most neglected remote rural areas. His formation, Jesus for Africa Evangelist Ministries (JFAEM) is now a permanent feature in evangelism around Zimbabwe. Now nearing 70, the ever-energetic preacher always glows on stage.

According to his wife, Amai Saungweme, recently during a prayer session, “a piece of iron suddenly popped out of a lady’s eye who had been suffering a mysterious sickness for years.” Besides the animated evangelist, some anticipated preachers include: Apostle Alexander Chisango, Archbishop Gurupira, Apostle A. Jaka and other divine notables.   

TICC highlights
Prophet Blessing Chiza has confirmed that proceedings of the TICC 2015 edition would be broadcast on Exodus Television. As part of the programme, every legend will step into a mould that will be preserved in a Cathedral of Empowerment, which will be a lasting impartation symbol for Glory Ministries. The children’s conference slotted for two days will unlock the global gathering.  

Partner with us
Your company can become part of TICC by partnering with the host. Take this opportunity to advertise your products to the world and also spreading God’s word to the world, while your company will all be included in prayer sessions. – Tinzwei  

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