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When the king speaks, every subject must bow

By Derick Matsengarwodzi EISH, xenophobia attacks, not again! My memory darts back to 2008 when I arrived in Johannesburg with...

By Derick Matsengarwodzi

EISH, xenophobia attacks, not again! My memory darts back to 2008 when I arrived in Johannesburg with bloated anticipation. 

The epicenter of attacks, KwaZulu-Natal was my former residence. I preserve lasting collections. Like before, I ask what is wrong with Africa. Why do we hate each other with zeal? My pursuit was partially answered when I lived in rural KZN for a year. I wanted to survive; I had limited options; even after witnessing my fellow countrymen being butchered previously. 

The journey
I arrived in Champagne Valley in October of 2008. Suddenly, I was alone at the heart of Zulu speakers. What transpired shocks me until this day. Because I was an imbiber, I struck instant connections with the locals. Though, I struggled with my isiZulu, I persevered; a survival route. It impressed my hosts.  We soon embarked on endless drinking escapades. 

One peculiar practice was their push to share the bottle. This was alien in my motherland. Naturally, I had to agree. The reason for this exercise was to exhibit trust, and automatically become one of them. From then, I never disputed it. It became a natural. Secondly, I noted that respect for culture and cultural icons were prerequisite. 

The only person who sought to fuel hatred was my employer. She suddenly refused to grant me an increase as per our agreement.She always excited a divide method between me and the locals because I insisted that she fulfills her earlier pledge. She even proclaimed that she was helping Zimbabweans.

Before, my arrival; she had faced problems with the locals concerning contracts. In other words, I was a pawn in a game that had commenced before my arrival. She thought by roping me, she could bypass the law and win her quest to silence her employees. I was not prepared to be part of that scheme. If I had succeeded, what was going to be my price? Probably, I would have paid with my dear life.

Meeting the emperor
In 2012, I wrote a piece entitled: ‘Long name blues’ for the Witness newspaper in Pietermaritzburg. This was culminated by the harassment I endured from people who identified me as foreign. My complexion did not make matters any less. After that, I became a regular contributor for the publication. I even journeyed into rural areas as a health writer for government-controlled magazine.

One of my detours was St Benedict’s hospital in Nongoma, the capital of chief Goodwill Zwelithini. The cultural icon is revered. He has a budget reserved for him and his queens. Debate has been raging on how his family eats into the provincial coffers. Why? Goodwill Zwelithinika Bhekuzulu was born 14 July, 1948 at Nongoma.

He is the reigning King of the Zulu nation under the Traditional Leadership clause of South Africa's republican constitution. He is the chairman of the Ingonyama Trust, a corporate entity that administers Zulu land. As the custodian of Zulu traditions and customs, King Zwelithini has revived cultural functions such as the Umhlanga, the reed dance ceremony which promotes moral awareness and AIDS education among Zulu women, and the Ukweshwama, the first fruits ceremony, a traditional function including the killing of a bull. 
In June, 1994, the University of Zululand conferred an honorary doctorate in agriculture upon the King, among other awards. The King spoke at The Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2004 regarding the importance of trade and peace.
Now this is contrary to his recent utterances which have ignited the recent xenophobic attacks. So, with such influence who can resist the king’s orders? – Tinzwei.   

Tinzwei Is A Worth Voyage For Those In Pursuit For Up-To-Date World Events.

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