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Dating Sites: A Date with Destiny or Matchmaking Debacle?

Dating sites are gradually manifesting their hold in Africa contrary to the traditional means of proposing. Actually, some new sites have...

Dating sites are gradually manifesting their hold in Africa contrary to the traditional means of proposing.

Actually, some new sites have been established as a way to make money, and according to one site administrator, Tristan Patel of Evening Touch – a site that has roots in Zambia and Zimbabwe, their site was founded as a case study.

Reacting to a probing by, he retorted: “Our dating site was founded initially as a test site to understand how Zambians responded to e-commerce businesses. We were surprised to see the strong reaction in Zambia and quickly saw the need for people to connect with each other.”

Thereafter, they established a business leeway. “Evening Touch was subsequently born. The launch in Zimbabwe was motivated to increase the size of members, for the purposes of giving as many members as much chance as possible to find the right partner.”
Dating Site on the Rise 

However, the site does not have known figures to rank their success or if any marriages have materialised from their matchmaking. 

“Currently we have no statistics to evidence the number of marriages Evening Touch has been responsible for, however many clients have informed us that the site has helped them find a suitable partner,” mentioned Patel. 

Sadly, these sites have become an opening for cyber crime. And recently – a South African lady lost a fortune after she associated with a stranger she met through the internet. This and other notable incidences have raised the need for alertness when dealing with strangers. 

However, Patel portrays a diverse analysis. “Our service aims to connect compatible people. Currently we have not had any problems and in fact we believe the platform has solved the problem of meeting someone in a safe environment where the member is given control over how much interaction they have with another person.” 

Technology has however brought people closer, notion supported by dating sites.

“It is our belief that technology has allowed people to connect with each other far more easily than before. Someone in Harare can meet their future partner in Lusaka, while before they would not have been able to do so. While some sites deny that their motive is solely for profit presently, their future intentions harbour such prospects,” added Patel.

Remarking on their business gain, he said, “We cannot comment for other dating sites but our service is currently free however we will be introducing a paid service where one of the main features will be the ability to match up paid members with other members using our compatibility matcher.” 

The current upsurge in divorce rates globally could translate to more clientele for dating sites and Patel mentions that with a growing global divorce rate we believe one of the reasons is due to compatibility, we hope to connect people with similar interests and similar directions in life with the hope of creating more sustainable partnerships and marriages.

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