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The world biggest military hardware importer and stockist

The most powerful militaries are not ranked on nuclear capabilities since these statistics are cagey. Yet, factors including manpower, tota...

The most powerful militaries are not ranked on nuclear capabilities since these statistics are cagey. Yet, factors including manpower, total labour force and access to strategic assets remain vital.

Israel spends significantly more than its neighbours in defence arsenal. In 2009, Israel allocated 18.7 percent of its national budget on defence, totalling $15 billion – the largest chunk goes to defence technology. Israel aims to replace Iron Dome with a laser defence shield called Iron Beam which can intercept missiles from its enemies – especially Palestine. Israel is ranked the eleventh most powerful militarised nation globally.  

By 2020, India is destined to become the fourth largest military spender. The largest importer of military goods – India currently spends $46 billion of its entire budget on arms, especially imports. India has ballistic missiles with a range capable of hitting all of Pakistan or most of China. The military strategy of India has been dominated by its prolonged conflict with neighbouring Pakistan.

United Kingdom
Though they are scaling down in the next few years, the U.K. is able to project its military aptitude around the world. The Royal Navy is planning on unleashing the HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier that has a flight deck measuring at least 4.5 acres, into service in 2020. The Queen Elizabeth is planned to carry 40 F-35B joint strike fighters around the world. Thanks to superior training and equipment – Britain could still maintain advantage over emerging powers like China, according to a leading think tank.

The Chinese army has a staggering 4, 5 million forces, with 2, 3 million active frontline personnel and an additional 2, 3 million in the reserves. China also has a history of successfully stealing sensitive military technology from other nations. It’s military spending stands at $126 billion – but could be higher prompting outcry from the Asian region.

United States of America
The U.S. spends more than all the top ten most militaries combined with an estimated allocation of $612 billion despite massive spending cuts.  With a conventional military fleet of 19 aircraft carriers compared to 12 carriers operated by the rest of the world combined, it has a huge advantage. These massive carriers allow the U.S. to set up forward operating bases anywhere and project power throughout the world. The super power also has by far the most aircraft of any country, cutting-edge technology, large and well-trained human force, that is excluding the world's largest nuclear arsenal stash.

Russian soldiers generally receive relatively mediocre training. A couple of decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia's military stocks are building up again. The Kremlin's military spending has increased by almost a third since 2008 and is expected to grow 44 percent in the next few years. The current Russian defence budget is estimated at $76.6 billion. Russia currently has 766 000 active frontline personnel with a reserve force of nearly 2, 5 million recruits – and backed up by 15,500 tanks – arguably the largest tank force in the world.

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