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Glory Ministries to commemorate a landmark quadruple at TICC, 2015

The official line-up for the 15 th edition of the Glory Ministries Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC), 2015 is now publ...

The official line-up for the 15th edition of the Glory Ministries Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC), 2015 is now public. As of the 1st until the 5th of September, a diverse Christian community will unite in spirit at Bethel Worship Centre in Chitungwiza to mark the acclaimed world congregation. 2015 is a special year as it marks a quadruple landmark for the ministry.    
What is TICC
Unveiling the full plan at a recently-held district Mega Sunday on the 28th of June, the founding president Apostle Pride Sibiya pronounced: “The 2015 TICC will be the 15th edition of the convention during the ministry’s fourteen years of existence since it was once held twice in another year. The convention is held yearly to gather Christians from diverse denominations for them to get uplifted spiritually. TICC is also a mandate given by God to Glory Ministries.”

The gathering has attained global status with the initial TICC South African edition held in Durban earlier this year. However, the advent of many questionable occurrences in church has prompted the convention to focus on elders within God’s kingdom who have travelled the long road in preaching the true word. The presence of legends means a lot to us, hence the theme: Footprints of the Legends, noted Apostle Sibiya.

Programme and speakers
The afternoon sessions will be reserved for teachings, while Wednesday is reserved as a Worship Night and the main speaker, most probably – Archbishop Ezekiel Guti – a world-acclaimed servant of God will deliver his sermon after the prayer session which will be recorded live on video. The one week gathering will be officially opened by the Mega Kids Conference slotted for two days. The kids will be responsible for the Sunday service and will hold a sporting extravaganza on Saturday plus a choir contest involving nearly 40 assemblies.

Other notable confirmed legendary speakers are: Evangelist Paul Saungweme, Apostle Jaka, Archbishop Gurupira and Apostle Alexander Chisango just to mention a minority. Street marches to commemorate two decades of unbroken service in the kingdom attained by Apostle Sibiya are also part of the programme. The servant of God repented in 1987 and has been preaching the gospel since 1995. Glory Ministries became a reality in 2001 and it commemorated 14 years of existence this year.

A quadruple milestone   
Four beasts will be slaughtered to feed congregates that will comprise local and international crowds to be hosted by Bethel Worship Centre. The concluding day of the convention is reserved for Apostle Sibiya’s birthday where he is expected to spend time and donate to the less fortunate and spreading the ministry’s motto on social relevance. Those willing to partner with the servant of God are welcome. In the interim, Glory Ministries will celebrate a quadruple milestone namely: 14 years of existence, TICC’s 15 years in operation, Apostle Sibiya’s birthday and twenty years in ministry.

Do you want to partner with TICC?        
The hosting of thousands of congregates requires a bigger budget – and Glory Ministries is seeking partnerships with individuals and the corporate world who can contribute towards the successful hosting of TICC in return for a blessing and prayer towards their companies. Those willing to support God’s work are welcome to contact Glory Ministries. So, if you are a Christian willing to encounter a life changing moment and meet servants of God – book your seat now and become a part of the growing Glory Ministries family.  

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