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#TICC2015: Religious Tourism in Search of the Spiritual Son

Footprints of the Legends, the 2015 theme for Tiyambuke International Christian Convention is the apt platform for religious tourists that ...

Footprints of the Legends, the 2015 theme for Tiyambuke International Christian Convention is the apt platform for religious tourists that desire to connect and witness God’s anointing firsthand in pursuit of the legendary son – Jesus Christ. 

Tourists are however traditionally drawn to a destination by the sun, sand and sea among other lures.

By Derick Matsengarwodzi 
The summer conditions that prevail during the third quarter of the year from September are always ideal for travellers from around the globe. 

This is an infrequent prospect to rally with the anointing that is upon the servants of God namely: Apostles Gurupira, Chisango, Jaka and Evangelist Paul Saungweme, notable servants who possess a combined ministry work that exceed a century.
Religious Tourism 

What is religious tourism?
This has been described as a way for Christians from various denominations who visit various destinations in prayer and to seek spiritual guidance. Pilgrims visiting Israel’s historical places are well-recorded examples. 

This form of tourism has brought large congregations into Zimbabwe, many who are seeking Christ, deliverance, miracle, general prayer and a close interaction with servants of God of their own choice. 

In addition, this is a right platform to share your testimony with the anticipated multicultural crowds set to grace the historic event.

After the event, those who can are more than welcome to come and learn about Glory Ministries as it commemorates 14 years of existence this year. The founder and president will mark 20 years of endless ministry vocation. 

Today, the ministry has more than 40 assemblies spread across towns, rural locations – mining towns and available in three other southern African states including Botswana, South Africa and Zambia.

TICC – it’s more than a tourism event
TICC is designed to offer various Christian life teachings that will equip any believer longing to develop their Christian lives. Deliverance, healing and prayer sessions will also be availed during the one week programme – while a Worship Night is also designated for the event.

Those attending TICC could also take the chance to book an appointment with the host, Apostle Pride Sibiya for counselling or healing sessions. If you are seeking a new lease of life – you will certainly cross over into the new dispensation.

Many people, some who were delivered from satanism will be present to share their respective testimonies. Musical bands that are scheduled to perform at the event are celebrities in their own description and will add ambiance with refined acts of praise and worship songs. September signals the onset of summer in Zimbabwe. 

The sun is abundant in preparation for the rain season that commences in November. Logistics for transport are available to assist those willing to travel to Bethel Worship Centre within Chitungwiza – a place of healing and deliverance. Margolis resort and Leisure centre are some of the hospitable areas for worshipers destined for TICC.

Meeting Kingdom legends
While some gatherings have become a mere miracle appeal, TICC is a platform to make people revert back to their original Christian beliefs and not to be wonder seekers but rather focus their attention on God. 

These legends are set to unleash the right formula of worshiping God, whip ministers into line – and unveil how they have relentlessly pursued Christ for years while some are faltering after a few years in ministry. 

Apostle Sibiya, the host will be celebrating 20 years of ministering God’s work – and he will share his vast experiences to the gathering. 

The legends line up features preachers, evangelists and teachers with international compliments that is suited for every Christian mindset and prosperity.  You can always follow proceedings wherever you are through: #TICC2015, Facebook, twitter and YouTube.

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