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Apostle Pride Sibiya 20 years in ministry marked in style

Derick Matsengarwodzi    Apostle Pride Sibiya achieved a milestone in his Christian life by marking 20 years in ministry that was comm...

Derick Matsengarwodzi 
Apostle Pride Sibiya achieved a milestone in his Christian life by marking 20 years in ministry that was commemorated by a march in Chitungwiza.

The regalia-clad parade was preceded by a clean-up operation at Gazaland shopping centre, in Zengeza 2 fulfilling the ministry’s community mandate, before departing for Bethel Worship Centre.     

It’s not an easy road 
Even heroes cry sometimes – though they might do so in private. The well-known legends have their low moments – moments that might prove crucial to their lives.

“God’s work is not easy. I often cried because of the ministry,” these were honest words by Apostle Sibiya. 

But what differentiates them from the rest is perseverance. History is dotted with people who chose to give up – and today their names have been wiped from history books. To be accorded a hero status, you have to persevere. At the onset of Glory Ministries, many people labelled the founder a satanist.

“People called me a satanist – they labelled me a lot of names and I approached my lecturer, who said if I was not a satanist, then it would not stick to me. I was angry with his response, because I expected counselling from him.”   

A shoulder to lean on
Chronicling the history of the church, left multitudes appreciating the hard work involved. While other churches have disappeared, they have preserved until today. Along the way they have witnessed people leaving the ministry.

But his faithful wife has kept them going.

“A servant of God’s wife needs to be someone of a character. When things were not okay in the ministry, I often cried in front of my wife. She knows my tears and she comforted me,” he mentioned.     

The second member of the ministry, Overseer Shiloh Masiyenyama has been a pillar for the ministry since its inception. He spoke at length to Tinzwei about the servant of God he has known for decades.  
“I thank God for his grace upon me. Ebenezer – we have come this far. A lot of ministries started at the same time with us but they are no more. Some young pastors have lost it; they are now after money and abusing the body of Christ. I am proud to be part of Glory Ministries.”

The man behind the ministry
According to Overseer Masiyenyama, Apostle Sibiya is a legend.

“He has done and stood for what he believes. He stood firm against trials, tribulations and the test of time. People labelled him a satanist but he stood firm and some even joined us. His heart is for souls to come to Christ.”

Asked to describe Apostle Pride Sibiya as a person and a servant of God, he said.

“There is a thin line between the two.  He is a humble man, great teacher, father, prophet and an apostle. He has all the qualities of the five fold ministry in him. I have a learnt a lot from him.” 

A prolific writer, a charismatic orator and notable teacher, he has taught on many fronts for Jesus Christ. He began preaching at a tender age in 1995. During those days, he would preach everywhere to win souls to Christ. Glory Ministries was later birthed in 2001, after a word from God.   

Where to now, Glory Ministries?
Today, the ministry has firm roots in three southern African states and in excess of 40 fully functional assemblies within Zimbabwe.

According to prophesies released prior to the meeting, the ministry is set to go places. This year’s instalment of Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) attracted legends in the body of Christ – a feat for the 14-year-old ministry.  

“Our early days were to lay the ministry’s foundation. We were a national ministry but now we are international. We want to consolidate our operations and go international and minister to many people. Our father was called to mister to nations,” stated the South African-based Overseer.

Glory Ministries defeated some territorial spirits during its early days through prayer, according to the founder. And this confirms why they have achieved this milestone. – Tinzwei
Derick Matsengarwodzi is a communication consultant, author – and founder of The Aloe Media. An ardent researcher plus media devotee – you can interact with him through Facebook or Follow his authoritative, eloquent, analytical and revealing writing flow on: or

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