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Spirits in ‘sexual’ acts: Fact or fiction?

HARARE – “All this is not in the Bible (spiritual spouses). As in the dark ages, stories doing the rounds are becoming larger than life. Ev...

HARARE – “All this is not in the Bible (spiritual spouses). As in the dark ages, stories doing the rounds are becoming larger than life. Even when these false teachers use the Bible, they wrest it out of context.”

A theologian quizzed recently by the Sunday Mail observed. Another pastor cited, “Spiritual spouses are evil spirits, demons and the only solution is to seek assistance from God through deliverance, that’s why God sent his servants.”

These two divergent analyses are academic and spiritual. 

Can a spirit enjoy sex?
Apostle Chiwengwa speaking to the weekly publication supposed, “These are demons and how can one classify that this is a female and this is a male demon? Any teaching that is not based squarely on the Bible is not worth listening to.”
AP Sibiya

A recent booklet reviewed by Tinzwei and authored by Glory Ministries founder, Apostle Pride Sibiya attempts to proffer answers to this pertinent topic, “A spiritual spouse is a spiritual being that is married to a human being either by consent or force. The spirits therefore, legally enjoin themselves to the person because whoever lives in unconfessed sin legally belongs to the devil.”

From his experience, spiritual spouses take diverse formats not limited to: goblins, avenging spirits, sexual blue tooth, water spirits and ancestral spirits. Those who endured these acts testify of total freedom, whereas other sections claim it is fiction. 

Detrimental effects such as sickness and misfortune, disputes in marriages, low sex drives, sexual looseness, impotence and homosexuality which also bear a psychological account are noted. 

Contrary, proponents of homosexuality claim their acts as a birthright rather than a sin, leading some churches to tolerate this exercise.

Reality versus fiction
“For those who are not getting proposals, they will say that after the deliverance sessions that have found spouses and are now married. This is a clear indication that this is a psychological problem which at least needs either professional or pastoral counselling,” revealed a behavioural specialist.

A prevailing question from Tinzwei is: can spirits really engage in sexual intercourse and if so, with what results. Reading from the book: How to Overcome Spiritual Spouses, reveals that, “People cannot lose their virginity, be infected by diseases or impregnated, solely by a spirit.”

So, if the spirits cannot make one pregnant or cause diseases, why then bother getting deliverance? “Spiritual spouses are very wicked spirits. They are subtle spirits that have to be crushed by the power, name and blood of Jesus,” explained Apostle Sibiya.

As the debate rages on, some believe the deliverance is a gimmick. Contrary, some have testified of their deliverance from bondage of spiritual spouses, even when facts point otherwise as noted by a Harare scholar.

“It is widely believed that (women) are always an easy target of religious gimmicks,” he queried. 

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