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The gospel or culture: Which side are you?

Derick Matsengarwodzi HARARE – In our lives, we are confronted with many voices seeking our attention. While some are genuine, others...

Derick Matsengarwodzi

HARARE – In our lives, we are confronted with many voices seeking our attention. While some are genuine, others only seek to divert our focus from the truth.

The gospel and cultural voices are some influences in our lives. However, these two often contradict in principals.   

When culture meets the gospel 
Culture is a way people live.

“Culture is not bad for example it teaches us to respect our elders but it is also negative when we elevate and speak to the dead. And when the gospel meets culture it must assimilate the good and exorcise the bad practices.

The question is not about hearing but who is speaking. God cannot bless you when you mix the culture and bad culture tendencies. God cannot be helped by his objects of creation. The dead cannot add anything to your life, don’t copy the abominations of the nation,” stated Apostle Pride Sibiya in his ongoing teaching on retrogressive cultural practice that contradict the gospel of salvation exclusively captured by Tinzwei.

Some of the denounced practices include, walking through fire a trend synonymous with some Indian religions. Also, consultation of the dead, an old undertaking within the African Tradition Religion (ART), wizardry and observation of time are all outlawed.    

Whose voice do you hear?
“When you kill someone, the blood of the person may speak. Blood has a voice and power to speak, just like what happened on Calvary. Don’t spill blood – it is more vocal than a voice. You cannot silence blood.  Also, avenging spirits may manifest and you become cursed, the ground will not yield for you or you become a fugitive, including failed marriages,” reveals Apostle Sibiya.  

He stated that familiar spirits which operate within families have existed for centuries. These spirits he says, “Familiar spirits can imitate our departed family members causing us to accept them within our families. You can prophecy by a demonic spirit, which is called divination. Demons can also speak the future. But be careful to mix the two, only Jesus can set you free.”    

The fear factor
We are born with only two fears – the fear of falling and loud sound, the other ones we learn as we grow.

“We were made in God’s image and each time the devil sees you, he is reminded of the Creator. The devil is wise – he will not use ‘mega power’ but mind games. World religions use terror strategies such as sickness. Fear is the opposite of faith – faith mobilises God’s hand and destroys the devil. But with fear, the opposite happens,” he mentioned.

Fear is the devil’s domain.  The devil only operates in fear. When you are afraid God cannot do anything. Fear causes one to lose power, love, causes hatred, bitterness and revenge culminating in witchcraft.   

As the servant of God revealed in a sermon captured by Tinzwei, “Many Christians try to fight the devil in his atmosphere, using his instruments. His setting is filled with grace for hatred. We are losing because we are using wrong weapons, we have our own weapons. Witches are just messengers. Fear is confusion and believing what the devil says, while faith is belief in God. As long as fear exists, the devil is in total control.”  

Knowledge sets you free  
 “When love takes over, fear dissolves. Prophecy should build you, inspire and bring comfort. Witchdoctors, satanists, religions and even some churches use fear in order to control people. Fear keeps Africa in captivity. Jesus always said: Fear not…. This phrase is mentioned 365 times in the bible,” emphasised the Glory Ministries founder.  

For bible verses that support this teaching please refer to: Genesis 4:10; Genesis 12; Deuteronomy 18:9-15, 21:5; 1Samuel 28: 6-13; Isaiah 18:9; Acts 17:30-31; 1Corithians 14:3-10; 2Corithians 2:11; Romans 8:15 and 1Jonh 4:18. 

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