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African Witch Hunt: A Game For The Heartless Hunter

HARARE – Rampant accusations of witchcraft are deep-rooted within the African culture, with most cases noted in central and west Africa, es...

HARARE – Rampant accusations of witchcraft are deep-rooted within the African culture, with most cases noted in central and west Africa, especially Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Often, young children and old people are victims for causing deaths, broken homes, poverty, pain and sickness.


‘Servants of Satan’
Witchcraft, the exercise or charming of alleged supernatural powers to control people or events, practices typically involving sorcery or magic.
African Witch Hunt: A Game For The Heartless Hunter 
In the West, it is described as the work of crones who meet secretly at night, indulge in cannibalism and orgiastic rites with the Devil while performing black magic. 

Unicef reports that in Bangui, CAR, about 25% of all cases brought to court in the capital Bangui and 80-90% of all cases in rural areas between 2005 and 2009 were witchcraft-related.

During that period, 70% of all prisoners in Bangui central prison were incarcerated because of witchcraft accusations.

How can it be proven one is a witch?

In a rural setting of Zimbabwe, 89-year-old Musekiwa Manhungo was murdered recently by his family members after a faith healer certified that he possessed goblins that were causing misfortune within the family.

“His family beat him to death and later burnt his body to ashes while others cheered on. The gang set his property on fire and threatened his wives. The accused have since been arrested for murder.”

Government Laws
Most governments do not recognise witchcraft.
Most Governments Do Not Recognise Witchcraft 

However, witches in Swaziland were cautioned not to fly on broomsticks at altitudes higher than 150 metres by the civil aviation authority, or they risked a heavy penalty.

Witch-hunting also peaks where an individual’s expectations are consistently not met, coinciding with the frustration of high inequality. Other writers say witchcraft in modern African society is a reaction to capitalism and emerging globalisation, experts have noted.

While other sections agree it is an attempt for the poor and disenfranchised to gain a small measure of power in an oppressive society. Witchcraft thus apparently renews itself constantly, adapting to ‘new situations demand new magic’.

Children Of Stones 
Children have become targets for witch hunt.

People With Albinism Are Targets Of Witchcraft 

They are even killed, but they are more often abandoned. 23 000 to 50 000 street children in Kinshasa were abandoned or chased away from home because they were accused of being witches.

Data from Unicef says, “Those children with a physical or developmental disability, or any physical abnormality, including a large head, swollen belly, red eyes) are likely to be targeted.

The list also includes those with a physical illness (epilepsy, tuberculosis, etc.) or especially gifted children, stubborn, aggressive, thoughtful, withdrawn or lazy.”

The allegations are also more likely to happen in Christian societies or more precisely, churches with an evangelical, revivalist, Pentecostal outlook, with accusations of child witchcraft far less likely among Muslims. – The Aloe News

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