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Prophet Walter Magaya Calls On Makandiwa To Mend Sour Relations

HARARE - A recent move by Prophet Walter Magaya to attend a church service conducted by his perceived rivalry Emmanuel Makandiwa has been v...

HARARE - A recent move by Prophet Walter Magaya to attend a church service conducted by his perceived rivalry Emmanuel Makandiwa has been viewed as an apologetic stance after the later was accused of doctoring an award in which he was declared the eventual winner.

The reaction by Makandiwa through his spokesperson revealed the tension caused by the award.
“Initial professional investigations show that the advert is the work of another church trying to magnify and glorify the bogus award. More details will be availed as the investigations gather pace.

And we assure as the members of the United International Church that we are doing all that we can to make sure that the perpetrators behind this barbaric act which is tantamount to terrorism, are exposed.”

Prophet Walter Magaya Calls On Makandiwa To Mend Sour Relations 
Then on Sunday afternoon, on his way from Nigeria, he paid a courtesy call on his nemesis at the City Sports Centre in Harare, where he announced his wish for a joint church service for members of the two ministries.

According to a local publication, Magaya, who received a standing ovation, told Makandiwa’s followers that his mission was to express his gratitude for the latter’s role in pioneering the prophetic ministry in Zimbabwe and demystifying myths that the two charismatic leaders were sworn enemies.

Both Makandiwa and Magaya have proved to be crowd pullers, with thousands of congregants attending their Sunday and midweek services. Magaya holds his services along Simon Mazorodze Road in Waterfalls, where he has built a massive church complex.

Magaya announced that, “I have never attended any other church service in my life in the past few years, but today, I am so glad to be here. My flight was getting delayed while I was in South Africa and I was only praying that I make it before the church service was over and pleaded with the man of God to wait for me when I landed.”

His subdued statement added: “Five years back, I used to come in here and I would sit at the top back of Bay 6, and I would listen with amazement and wonder of the gift that Zimbabwe has in Prophet Makandiwa. While the nation could not accept you and fought you, you stood fast and fought the battles on our behalf.

Magaya poured more praise on his host.

"You did not leave the nation at the time you were being persecuted and ridiculed by many people, but you had the choice to simply quit and leave Zimbabwe with your gift, but that was not so."

Makandiwa would request for prayers for the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder.

Prophet Magaya said while it was normal for people to perceive two prominent spiritual movements working in a country as being antagonistic, the work he was carrying out was different from that of Prophet Makandiwa.

He said this on Friday evening while addressing journalists on the sidelines of an all-night vigil dubbed “Night of Turnaround 4” that attracted hundreds of thousands of people at the PHD Ministries headquarters in Waterfalls.

“Whenever you are in a nation and there are two people that are doing the same thing it may sound like that there is a clash. But what we are doing is that I am following my calling and the other prophet is following his calling and I tell you our lines are totally different. I do not see anywhere we can clash,” said Prophet Magaya.

Perceived differences between the two charismatic prophets were heightened last week when Prophet Makandiwa appeared to be launching an attack on Prophet Magaya accusing him of being behind an advertisement that appeared in the media congratulating the UFIC leader for coming third on the list of most influential people under the age of 40 in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Makandiwa has refused to acknowledge the credibility of the list that put Prophet Magaya in pole position.

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