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Chinese Premier, Xi Jinping Speaks Zimbabwean Language

HARARE – Chinese President, Xi Jinping historic visit to Harare brought an avalanche of mega business agreements, plus a memorandum address...

HARARE – Chinese President, Xi Jinping historic visit to Harare brought an avalanche of mega business agreements, plus a memorandum addressed to Zimbabweans sprinkled with rich vernacular expressions.

In his message, Jinping cited a Zimbabwean Shona idiom “Chikuni chimwe hachikodze sadza,” meaning that when everybody adds firewood, the flames will rise high in Chinese expression.

Look East Policy
Jinping tour, dawns when Harare among other African states are faced with economic challenges.

Subsequently, Zimbabwe adopted look east policy after a prolonged fallout with the west that has resulted in the drying of aid and investment within Harare.
Chinese Premier, Xi Jinping Speaks Zimbabwean Language  
“Though I have not been to Zimbabwe, I am no stranger to the beautiful country and its people. Zimbabwe boasts a time-honoured history, splendid civilisation, picturesque scenery and rich resources.

And more importantly, the Zimbabwean people are hardworking, creative, courageous and strong-willed,” commenced Jinping.

The two national have worked in collaboration since the war of liberation I order to defeat England.

Reading Fanatic
During the national liberation struggle in Zimbabwe, the Chinese people steadfastly stood behind the Zimbabwean people as comrades in arms. China-Zimbabwe friendship has also taken root and sprouted in the heart of our two peoples.”

Jinping rarely has leisure time, confessing that he is a sports fan and reading has become part of his life.

China’s first lady Peng Liyuan donated goods valued $160 000 to children in Harare. “Though there is great distance between our countries, our hearts are always together.

I am encouraged to see boys and girls growing so healthy,” she said while touring a children’s home run by Dr Grace Mugabe.

Farewell Thee
In Johannesburg, the two leaders embraced as a parting shot, described by bystanders as, “engaged in a warm conversation as they held hands, and one would easily mistake the South African event for the continuation of President Xi’s state visit to Zimbabwe.”

President Robert Mugabe commended China and Russia for vetoing America and Europe to bring Zimbabwe under Chapter VII (sanctions) of the Charter of the United Nations.

According to Jinping, China will pour $60 billion into Africa in grants and zero interest loans plus concessional loans. These will cover agriculture, construction and maintenance of roads under the One Belt, One Road initiative and energy capacity revival. – The Aloe News

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