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Dear Strive Masiyiwa: Africa Needs More Of Your Type

I sincerely trust this letter locates you in your customary philanthropic mood – and that you receive this epistle with an open heart.  F...

I sincerely trust this letter locates you in your customary philanthropic mood – and that you receive this epistle with an open heart. 

Firstly, I forward my greetings to you – and to the rest of the souls you have worked selflessly to transform.

By Derick Matsengarwodzi
My personal gratitude goes out for a young man within my locality who once stared despair in the face – as if despair has a face at all, despite that he had performed exceedingly well in his public examinations.

As I write, he is pursuing actuarial science, courtesy of your tertiary scholarship outlay.

Strive is a virtue
Sir, I was still young when you eventually won the battle to operate a mobile entity in Harare.
Back then, I aspired to be a writer – that vision has finally become a reality.
Businessman Strive Masiyiwa 

Your prolonged battle moulded many. While others have always wondered what inspires you to keep on fighting – fighting when many see no imminent breakthrough.

Now I seem to have an answer.

You are a warrior. You don’t surrender what you believe – and I know you believe in Africa and all its entire descendents. Sir, your ongoing write-ups and confrontations with the ugly scenes of corruption have awakened many souls – including mine.

Without doubt, you have created ‘enemies’ – though I know this was not your intention. You are guided by the truth – and nothing but the truth. And your belief in the Creator will be rewarded.

So many questions
Before I go further, let me ask when this world be blessed by your own publication.

I know of many writers who have written but in all fairness, they have little to offer – compared to you. Africa needs a clear record of your knowledge before it gets lost in the maze of time.

It would be my humble experience to peruse your autobiography dedicated to your various causes. Secondly, your expositions are loaded with solutions that Africa solely need.

Then, Sir, have you ever contemplated joining the political race? In fact, you have already propelled yourself towards greatness. So sir, why the long wait? I recall you quoting Winston Churchill: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

You are a great man – no doubt about that. Sir, are you not doing a disservice to your constituency. Why not stand out and eliminate people who have become an albatross towards your people.

And Les Brown once said, “Life is too short to play it safe.” Does this apply to you, Sir?

Your philanthropic tendencies, Sir, are directed towards people who cannot stand up for their own – the downtrodden lot. But I beg to differ. We as Africa are indebted to receive your lectures about life – and much more.

I am certainly convinced we greatly require your ‘magical wand’ in order to cross this valley and attain greatness in our lives. Sir, it’s not too late to review your fate.

Me, Myself And I
“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot do us any harm,” so says one rich African saying.

Sadly, we have become our own enemies, sir – and we solely seek a good heart like yours. I have watched the wretched souls of youths meandering along the dirty suburban streets facing a desolate future. 

If they are not taking drugs or other harmful substances – they are trying to become middlemen in order to make a decent living. They are lacking a motivator like you – they lack an inspirer that can propel them to the next level.

Contrary, it is heartening to note that people of your calibre still exist – people that can give back to their community and never ask for a dime in return. Your energy has been well spent assisting Ebola victims.

Sadly, patronage has maimed our society – it has drained us of the much-needed soul from our continent. This is always stimulating, Sir.

Sadly, those benefiting from corruption deals spend their ill-begotten wealth on concubines, drinking sprees and other unexplainable practices. People have become so lazy to think and create – they have resorted to being copy and paste professionals seeking openings to plunder. 

Today, they regurgitate foreign concepts – what has tomorrow in store for them if men of your calibre do not rise up. The colonisation tag still refuses to go.

But is it that you are exposing these illicit deals out of bitterness? For example, it has been nearly a decade since the mobile licensing debacle in Harare. Is it because some of the beneficiaries have now landed in murky waters? 

On the other hand, how can we verify the various accusations that you have put across in your writings? Because my journalism disposition says we cannot take a story in a one-sided position?
Sir, your record however speaks for itself.

Your time is preoccupied with business but you always have an ear for the needy. Your birthright is in Africa – you are a son of the soil.

Please take heed to your continents’ cry, Sir.

Your African brother,

Derick Matsengarwodzi

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