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Hollywood Stars Must Come Clean On Their HIV Status

HARARE – In the aftermath of a shocking revelation by the larger than life, 50-year-old actor Charlie Sheen, the world is clamouring for ...

HARARE – In the aftermath of a shocking revelation by the larger than life, 50-year-old actor Charlie Sheen, the world is clamouring for Hollywood to persuade its plethora of stars to come clean on their HIV status.

What has become apparent is that the disease never discriminates. At one stage, Sheen earned a whopping 1.8 million per episode – but he is now amongst the millions on the world who carry the virus.

HIV, Not A Death Sentence
His admission reveals that an HIV diagnosis is no longer a death sentence. A lifetime of antiviral medication has been shown to significantly slow, or completely halt, the progression of the disease in many people. This is welcome for the approximately 1.2 million Americans living with HIV as of 2012 and the 35 million people worldwide.

According to one publication, “The life of a celebrity might look like the stuff that dreams are made of on the surface. Celebrities presumably make a lot of money, live lavish lifestyles, and would be expected to hob-nob with other important people on a regular basis.

But being in the spotlight all the time may not be as glorious as it appears. Celebrities are considered role models for people young and old – and their actions are closely scrutinised. They are subject of constant rumours – and they can essentially kiss their privacy goodbye.”

This is more apt in Sheen’s case. The exhortation exerted on his fortune by his so-called close associates in order to conceal his health status was too hard to bear. Even with millions in his coffers, he could not sustain it no more.

Celebrities Must Come Clean
This reveals that, even celebrities have a soft side – only that they have ready cash to conceal their dark secrets but till when. Money can buy fame but it will not purchase comfort. And what of the girlfriends put at risk whilst he concealed his status. This is pure criminal and worth condemning.

In October 2013 Tom Hanks announced he was a type 2 diabetic. In May the same year Angelina Jolie revealed that she had undergone a preventative double mastectomy after discovering she was a carrier of the mutant gene, which entails a higher risk for women to develop breast or ovarian cancer.

Jolie revealed earlier this year that her ovaries were removed as well. Having lost her mother at an early age, Jolie wanted to give herself the best possible chance of reducing her cancer risk so she could be around for her children for a long time to come.

This is just the beginning. And for Hollywood to maintain its influence, its plethora of stars needs to be straightforward in order. – The Aloe News/Online Sources

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