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Is Urban Grooves Really Dead... Can It Be Revived?

Is urban grooves music dead? It sure sounds like it if you turn on the radio. What used to be exciting, groundbreaking music seems to have ...

Is urban grooves music dead? It sure sounds like it if you turn on the radio. What used to be exciting, groundbreaking music seems to have been reduced to a one-note din.

This is the genre that absorbed the entire music industry back then in 1999.It was a new type of music in Zimbabwe sung by young musicians that however, generally appealed more to youthful listeners.

Coming on the scene around this time, urban grooves mainly gained ground owing to the 100% local content policy advocated by then Minister of Information and Publicity, Jonathan Moyo.
Is Urban Grooves Really Dead... Can It Be Revived?
In urban grooves heyday of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, this phase undeniably witnessed the birth of perhaps the most revered local stars in form of the late Conrad Nduna.

Despite his untimely death in 2009, he still remains one of Zimbabwe’s most successful musicians whose career blossomed in 1999 following release of his hit track Kuenda Mberi.

During those days, there was such diversity (in urban grooves) such that if you were young and still growing up you could aspire to be Willom Tight, Mathew ‘Mateo’ Kaunda or Patience Musa.

These artists are well remembered for their part in the song Asambe Africa penned by Mateo hence included the brilliance of the late Fortune Muparutsa.

The outfit was known as “Mateo and friends” and that album helped some of the musicians to launch their careers.

Through collaborative and individual efforts this genre kept on getting better and better such that the occasion permitted innovation and creativity from the likes of Malvin S, Major E, Innocent Utsiwegota and Potato.

Yes, this was the elderly crop of performers, not necessarily mentioning the whole lineage composed of vibrant young blood in the mold of the twins, Roy and Royce of the Handirege fame.

Some of the best musicians that stepped foot in this music terrain comprise Rockford Josphats, the hip-hop outfit Major Players, XQ, Shame and Nathan, Decibel and Kelvin of the Tombofara fame.

Basically, you had choices. That doesn’t exist anymore. That crop of artists we used to have on our local music scene is long gone, while some just vanished into thin air.

It is certainly harder to find or locate these guys while offering it may take courage when everyone else is talking about this new sound that has taken over, Zimdancehall.

However, urban grooves music lasted for about a decade but eventually the groove makers over stayed their welcome in that comfort zone and forgot that the industry is about what’s trendy.

No wonder why those that miss the limelight so much, always tend to have problems with Zimdancehall whenever and wherever it is played .

“This Zimdancehall isn’t going to last. This music is paltry and just lacks direction. Most of these Zimdancehall artists derive their inspiration from drugs”, you hear them quip.

Lets you not forget that, if you happen to be one of these long forgotten urban groovers or maybe a victim of dancehall music, your time came and whatever you made out of it ,wait for your slot again, maybe it will rise another or never.

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