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Zimbabwean Presidential Aspirant Fights Her 'Own Prophecy'

HARARE - Zimbabwean presidential hopeful, Joice Mujuru who was sacked from the ruling party for insubordination is fighting her 'own pr...

HARARE - Zimbabwean presidential hopeful, Joice Mujuru who was sacked from the ruling party for insubordination is fighting her 'own prophecy' that President Robert Mugabe was 'anointed by God' to lead the country, after she formed a breakaway party to challenge her former boss.

Her latest formation, People First comprises of disgruntled former ruling party heavyweights including Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo - both known Zanu PF loyalists from the onset but are now feeding from the opposition plate.
Zimbabweam Presidential Aspirant Fights Her 'Own Prophecy. Joice Mujuru And President Robert Mugabe

A few months before she was axed, Joice Mujuru said Mugabe must rule forever, adding that he was anointed by God to lead Zimbabwe at the age of 10 years and those fighting to replace him are wasting their time. 

“People are wasting their time by opposing President Mugabe. It was prophesied way back in 1934, when he was only 10 years old, that he was going to lead this country. How can a normal person challenge such a leader?” she claimed back then.

Directing her criticism to opposition leaders, then fronted by Morgan Tsvangirai, she mentioned.
President Robert Mugabe 

“There is nothing wrong in people having ambitions and discussing political issues with their wives. They should not, however, tamper with the presidency; it is sacrosanct. These positions come from God, they do not just come!”

Months down the line, her gospel has shifted. She is now opposing her 'prophetic wisdom'. Not only did she leave Zanu PF with a soiled resume, she also criticised the party that brought her to the forefront.

Recently, she joined hands with Tsvangirai in attacking the man she perceived as God-given. Speaking to a Harare weekly recently, she mentioned.

"... there is nothing to miss both as VP in government and in the party. Its unfortunate that in all this, the economy and the ordinary Zimbabweans are the ones paying the ultimate price as leaders fight for power."
Zimbabweam Presidential Aspirant Fights Her 'Own Prophecy

During her stint as VP, she championed the Zanu PF cause with passion and many are still wondering where her allegiance lies. 

“We need to follow the exemplary leadership of President Mugabe. Why should we fight and kill each other?. If you do that in the name of a political party, bear in mind that avenging spirits will not come to any party," she was quoted previously.

Accusations of witchcraft trying to eliminate President Mugabe were extensively leveled against her. Mujuru rise to fame as the first women president may be thwarted as some still believe she is a mole unleashed to infiltrate opposition camps.

Her slow pace to publicly announce her intentions has left more questions about her decision making potential. Instances of political personalities likening their leadership to Jesus are abundant in Harare. - Sources

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