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Everyday Habits That May Cause Your Breasts To Sag

We all know that with age our breasts become a little less perky. Unfortunately, breast tissue ages two to three years faster compared to t...

We all know that with age our breasts become a little less perky. Unfortunately, breast tissue ages two to three years faster compared to the rest of the body, as revealed by a recent study published in the journal Genome Biology. 

While there isn’t much you can do about the genetic factors, there are still steps you can take to keep your pair from sagging prematurely.

By avoiding some everyday habits, you can do your part in keeping breasts young-looking for as long as possible.

Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit
This habit is more common that one would think. Most bras are made of flexible materials, and over time with normal wear, they will eventually stretch out. 

But the bra’s primary purpose is to give support. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can contribute to breast sagging as the more your breast bounce around, the more stressed breast skin and collagen become.
Smoking Causes Your Breasts To Sag 

You need to figure out what your bra size is, so that the cups adequately hold your breasts. About 80% of women are wearing a bra that is not their perfect fit, so make sure you get measured, which can be easily done in a lingerie shop.

There is a discussion going on about the pros and cons of wearing a bra, and I have covered this in one of my previous post about the suggested link between breast cancer and bras. Aside from the scientific debate, what both groups agree on is that you should wear a properly fitted bra.
Smoking makes the skin lose its natural elasticity, which causes the breasts to drop. It reduces the amount of collagen in the skin and worsens the blood circulation. This makes the skin become weaker and age faster.

Smoking causes a lot of other health issues and you can see for yourself what happens to your lungs ifyou smoke only 60 cigarettes. If you are a smoker, then I have 5 natural ways to help you quit smoking – they are all scientifically proven.

Crash dieting
Having a balanced diet is very important to the health of your breasts. Yo-yo dieting that makes you lose vast amounts of weight quickly, only to put it back on later, puts a strain on your skin tissue.

Repeatedly losing and gaining weight has been shown to make your breasts drop. The skin tissue stretches to accommodate the weight gain, but it can’t indefinitely snap back into place when the weight comes back off again. 

So try to maintain a steady weight or a proper nutrition in a healthy, sustainable way.

Not protecting yourself from the sun
Breasts, and cleavage in particular, can get burnt easily and they absorb their share of the sun’s UV rays. This can damage the skin, make it wrinkle and age prematurely. 
Always Exercise To Keep Your Body Fit 

Protect yourself from the sun and don’t over-expose your skin. Also, sunscreens are not the magic solution and I have written before about thepotential chemical dangers that lure in some sunscreens, especially the high-factor ones.

Not exercising and adopting bad posture
It’s important to exercise and keep your chest muscles strong. However, some back-and-forth repetitive motions (like in running) can make your breasts go saggy, as they breakdown breast collagen. 

Make sure you support your breasts during a high-impact exercise session and pay attention to your posture throughout the day. Walk straight and make your breasts stand up proudly. 

You can easily improve your posture by doing the following exercises to improve your posture and you can also do these exercises to firm and lift your breasts. - Online Sources 

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