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Justin Bieber Missing Selena Gomez After Hailey Baldwin Vacation?

He has just put out a new album, but it looks like Justin Bieber is already back in the studio. The singer took to Instagram to tease a nev...

He has just put out a new album, but it looks like Justin Bieber is already back in the studio. The singer took to Instagram to tease a never-before-heard song about missing an ‘amazing girl’ — is he shouting out to Selena Gomez after his romantic vacation with Hailey Baldwin. 

Are you listening, Selena Gomez?! Because chances are, this one’s for you! We still have Justin Bieber’s album Purpose on repeat, but he totally teased us with a brand new song on Instagram Jan. 9…and it definitely doesn’t seem like it’s directed towards his new lady, Hailey Baldwin, 19. 

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez 
“I said you’re amazing, she said, ‘You must be crazy,’ I said, ‘No I’m not, well a little maybe,’ And I don’t talk a lot, but when I do I mean it, and I swear I know an angel baby when I see it,” he sings on the track. 

“I know I do have issues, but it got nothing to do with you, not gonna like, girl, I miss you, not being superficial. We spent beautiful moments in some beautiful dream but nothings more beautiful than you right next to me.”

The 21-year-old just returned from a weeks-long, tropical vacation with Hailey, so it wouldn’t exactly make sense for him to be “missing” her right now. On the other hand, there’s Selena, who, as far as we know, he hasn’t seen since their romantic reunion in November

Perhaps he got wind of her recent, blunt interview with Rolling Stone, in which she insisted she’s “beyond done” talking about Justin!? Keep in mind, it’s unclear when Justin actually recorded this song — it could be old, and he was just reminiscing on it now. 

Bieber And Hailey Baldwin 

But, either way, it’s clearly what was on his mind in the late hours of the night.

What’s interesting, though, is that the “Sorry” singer himself recently did an interview, in which he alluded to his relationship with Sel being done for good. “We were on and off for years and we left on good terms, so I think we just needed time to grow for ourselves,” he told The Bert Show. 

“And we’re like, ‘Maybe we’ll come back together in the future.’ And it ended up being so long and we just grew apart and we’re not the same people anymore. We’ll hang out and I’ll see her every now and then and we’ll talk, and that’s pretty much it.” - Online Sources 

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