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5 Sports Personalities With Weird Hobbies

Behind the fame, mega bucks and secrecy, have you ever wondered how your favourite sports personalities spend their spare time. From would-...

Behind the fame, mega bucks and secrecy, have you ever wondered how your favourite sports personalities spend their spare time. From would-be magicians, pigeon keeper and pornography collector - this is part of the celebrity lifestyle, behind the prying eyes of fans.

Mike Tyson - pigeon fancier
The famously brutal boxer who once bit a chunk out of Evander Holyfield's ear during a bout
has revealed a unexpected tender side since retirement as he has got heavily into keeping pigeons.
Mike Tyson 

"Pigeons are the best," he said earlier this year. "Of all the animals I've had -- tigers, lions, bears -- Oh no, none of them are even close to the same league as the birds."

Almost as surprisingly, Tyson isn't the only legendary hard man who is keen on his flying friends.

Fernando Alonso - magician
The Ferrari F1 star is a keen amateur magician, often entertaining friends and colleagues with his nifty card tricks - and he claims he owes it all to his parents. 
Fernando Alonso 

"My parents are responsible for the two things I like doing most - driving and magic tricks," he once said. "They bought me my first go-kart and a magician's kit."

Cristiano Ronaldo - bingo
The Portuguese winger's main hobby is not, as you might imagine, checking himself out in the mirror. Instead, the Real Madrid star loves a game of bingo. 

"It can be very exciting because you can be there waiting for a long time for just the one number to make the game complete," he told a Portuguese newspaper. 
Cristiano Ronaldo 

"Then you see one of your friends you are playing against get his lucky number before you."

David Beckham - fencer
The former England captain is mustard keen on fencing - and not, as you might expect of a Leytonstone lad like Becks, the version that involves popping down to B&Q for a load of
planks and nails. 

Instead, it's the aristocratic sword fighting sport that is his hobby, and has been for the last three years. Apparently he does it all the time with Will Smith and Tom Cruise. 
David Beckham 

"We don't get enough time for hanging out, just us three guys," explained Smith, "so this is his way of getting together and bonding. David and I go to his home and just do fencing. It's a lot of fun."

Hideki Matsui - pornography collector
The one-time New York Yankees superstar and World Series MVP - affectionately known as
Japan's 'Baseball Godzilla' - is open, honest and matter-of-fact about his love of pornography. 
Hideki Matsui: The Photography Collector 

Make no mistake, this is way more than a couple of copies of Playboy: a profile in Time magazine's Asian edition in 2003 reported that he has some 55,000 blue movies in his collection. - Online Sources 

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