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Pastor Caught Kissing Another Pastor's Wife, Says: "Its My Private Life"

Eastern Cape - “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife,” is one of the Lord’s 10 commandments. But apparently the Bible’s clear instruct...

Eastern Cape - “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife,” is one of the Lord’s 10 commandments. But apparently the Bible’s clear instruction was lost on one Reverend from Middelburg, Eastern Cape.

This after a photo of passionately kissing another church leader’s wife went viral on Facebook.

The photo of the kiss has so angered members of the church that they have now called for their national president to be disciplined.

But the reverend would have none of it, telling the church members to mind their own business.

"Its None Of Your Business": Pastor Caught On The Wrong Side 

He insisted the picture of him kissing the wife of another Reverend, which was posted on Facebook, was his personal life.

A church member said the issue came to a head on Saturday during the church’s circuit meeting in Soweto, Gauteng. The meeting was attended by the national executive committee.

After the meeting he addressed congregates.

“He said someone put the talked-about picture in his toilet last December, and that it had been seen by the general secretary of the church.

Some Pastors Have Been Caught Offside 

“He said his house was being troubled and asked that we pray for him,” the church member said, adding that delegates were too shocked to react.

Daily Sun is also in possession of a letter written by the angry Reverend in which he wrote that he started suspecting something was going on between his wife and the Reverend in January last year.

“There was a wedding celebration of a family member from my wife’s side. The Reverend was driving my wife’s car and they were enjoying themselves. I detected that something was going on between the two.

He added, “A few days later someone from my wife’s family called and told me about the photo showing the Reverend and my wife kissing.

Promiscuity Has Become A Topic In Churches 

This situation has caused tension in my wife’s family because she and the Reverend’s wife are related – they are cousins."

According to the husband, “This photo saga is the talk of the town in our community. Even at the Reverend’s church, people are talking about it.”

Asked about the incident, the Reverend said: “The person who said I kissed his wife must go to court and lay charges against me. I have no further comment.”

The angry Reverend said, that he and his wife separated before the picture was taken. - Daily Sun 

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