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Jurgen Klopp: Warns Pep Guardiola On Forthcoming Job

London  — Jurgen Klopp has warned Pep Guardiola he won’t have things his own way as much in the English Premier League as he did in Spain a...

London  — Jurgen Klopp has warned Pep Guardiola he won’t have things his own way as much in the English Premier League as he did in Spain and Germany. 

Next Manchester City boss Guardiola is following the same trail from the German Bundesliga blazed by Klopp earlier this season, when he fulfilled what he admits was a lifelong dream to take over the reigns at Liverpool.

Kop boss Klopp is the first to admit he has had his eyes opened by the ferocity of competition in English football, and he has delivered a stark message to his friend Guardiola that he is entering a very different world to the one he’s used to.

“He will enjoy this league because it is a great league and a real competition and he is a real competitor – that is what he wants,” Klopp explained of the Spaniard. “But I don’t think that it will be the same situation as he had in Spain, with Barcelona on the top level, or in Germany with Bayern on the top level.

“Manchester City is a club with not too bad possibilities on the financial side, shall we say (!), and Pep Guardiola is a really smart person — he won’t have chosen Man City because of his friendship with a few people there.

“So they won’t have the worst team in the world next year but I love this football because that doesn’t mean everything. As we have shown once or twice, you can beat these teams – that’s for sure.”

Stoke’s former Man City boss Mark Hughes agreed with Klopp that Guardiola will be shocked by the English Premier League, despite his huge success with Barca and Bayern.

He said: “Until he gets here, nobody (really) knows what he can bring to the English Premier League because it’s unlike any other league in world football.

“Although he’s a very successful manager, the English Premier League is a little bit different so that will take a little bit of adaptation. But you sense he won’t have a problem with that.”
Pep Guardiola 
Manchester City travelled to Sunderland last night in the Premier League and are still in the running to win four trophies this campaign.

Pellegrini will be forced out of the club to make way for Guardiola. Guardiola will receive a €3.5million pay rise by swapping Bayern Munich for Manchester City.

The City boss to be will rake in a mammoth £15million every year as he aims to lead the Blues continental glory. Guardiola was already the highest-earning football manager in the world with his €16million pay packet with Bayern.

Jose Mourinho’s staggering wages at Chelsea were the closest managerial wage to the Spaniard’s.

Mourinho was earning £8.7m per year at Stamford Bridge, £400 000 more than Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. Under-pressure Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal is in fourth place, taking home £7.3million at Old Trafford.

Jurgen Klopp is the only other English Premier League manager to make the top seven, which also includes Barcelona boss Luis Enrique and PSG manager Laurent Blanc.

Zinedine Zidane’s wage at Real Madrid is not yet immediately available. Guardiola will be given a war chest to compete for £80million powerhouse Paul Pogba and £50m Everton defender John Stones.

Guardiola has agreed a three-year deal worth a record £300 000 a week, £40 000 more than Wayne Rooney, the top-earning English Premier League player.

The Spaniard will be backed by City’s oil-rich fortune and while Lionel Messi seems to be out of their range, the club will seek to reverse the trend of major stars moving to Spain.

Guardiola, who has managed Barcelona and Bayern Munich, has lost only 19 of his 239 league games as a manager and City believe the 45-year-old can attract marquee names.

Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid will compete for former Manchester United midfielder Pogba (22), who will leave Juventus at the end of the season and Stones (21). City hope they can lure the pair with the chance to play for their new coach.

Guardiola is expected to bring in his coaching team from Barcelona and Bayern, including Manuel Estiarte, Domenec Torrent, Lorenzo Buenaventura and Carles Planchart.

Thierry Henry, who played for Guardiola at Barcelona, told Sky Sports: “If you’re a City fan right now, you can dream about having some great players.

“Not only because it’s a great club and you have the resources, but Pep Guardiola will be the guy to attract any player in the world. Maybe not Messi, but a lot of players who want to be coached by him.

“There is one thing you can be sure of — he wants to dominate. People associate his teams with the number of goals they score but his teams also don’t concede a lot. He always wants to be on the front foot, having the ball, possession, and he wants to dominate. So well done, Manchester City.” — The Mirror-The Daily Star.

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