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Tatelicious: Zimbabwe Man Now a Woman

Harare - There is indeed life after 'manhood'. And Tatelicious has tasted life in both worlds - firstly as a man and now a vivaciou...

Harare - There is indeed life after 'manhood'. And Tatelicious has tasted life in both worlds - firstly as a man and now a vivacious lady. 

Born Tatenda Karigambe, the Budirio sired twin child who changed from a man to a woman is now enjoying life in Sweden. She has spoken of the harrowing times in Zimbabwe as she tried to eke a living as an escort.

But her whooping $80,000 s.ex transformation received a dose of rebuke from some media operatives - particularly government controlled which dismissed her as a 'pathological liar, thief and a fraud.' 

"We were right to doubt the claims made by Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe last week – he is a complete fraud, a gay activist and a pathological liar, whom we have now ascertained from psychiatrists could be suffering from a disease called gender dysphoria," claimed the Sunday Mail of 28 June, 2015.

The sate media added, "Karigambe offered no documentary evidence and refused an inspection by any of our publication’s female staffers to ascertain if indeed he had undergone a sex change to become a woman."
Tetelicious Far Right Speaks to Journalists 
However, the gay community was peeved with the weekly publication. In a press release, Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe said the coverage of Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe also known as Tatelicious who the paper referred to as a 'liar and thief'. They added that this incites violence against the gay community. 

Far away from the madding crowd, Tatelicious has found a new lease of life and a safe haven in Sweden.

"I was confirmed a boy at birth, but I just had a male body with a female mind. I usually don't want to reveal my age - I'm a lady. As ladies we don't reveal our age. I'm in my late 20s," she mentioned in an interview.

The transformation process involved doctors and lawyers.

"I chose to liberate myself from the confines of society. I have spent more than US$80 000 on breast augmentation and vaginoplasty (male to female s.ex reassignment surgery). I invested in businesses and saved money - family, friends and other silent partners chipped in."

"I did not do this for money. Growing up, my mother (availed) everything for us; we went to trips as far as the UK, Italy and the US. I'm a chemical engineer, I do consultancy and I run my own organisation, Tatenda NGO, and my husband is rich. He is a neurosurgeon, he is Scottish.

People interviwed by the press confirmed they knew Tatelicious. 

He was dressing up in a suit trying to get a job with the police force just a few weeks ago. If the mother comes here while you are talking to us with that notebook of yours she will chase us away, she does not even want to hear that nonsense gay thing about her son,” said a lady.

The Registrar-General’s Office could not locate Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe in its database, meaning she has completed formalities with the registration office and is now legally a woman. 

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