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7 Golden Rules For Your WhatsApp Group

Many people, in fact a majority of people, with smartphones have messaging apps and with that comes the temptation to join or form groups. ...

Many people, in fact a majority of people, with smartphones have messaging apps and with that comes the temptation to join or form groups. 

Sometimes it’s with family, friends, workmates or just for social networking purposes. With that being said, we all need to understand that just because it’s a social media group, it doesn’t mean that we act as we please.

We need to observe certain rules just the same way we do when we send someone a text. Here are some of the rules:

Do not text all night
It’s likely that once in a while you will wake up to over 70 messages, or even more, because of all the groups that you’re in on WhatsApp or other messaging apps. Those are too many texts and it’s unlikely that you will have the time to go through them. 
Always Observe These Rules To Make Your Group Interesting 

Simply avoid texting group members at night say past 9:30 pm because chances are you will create a discussion forum that will go way into the night.

Announce your exit
Some groups are just a bit too much to deal with and so for a reason or two, you may want to exit and avoid getting those funny forward messages and videos and other irrelevant stuff. When you feel that the group has nothing to offer, just tell them you are leaving the group then exit.

Keep your phone on silent
Being in several groups means that you will constantly get messages streaming in. It’s best to keep your phone on silent so that you don’t have to deal with constant buzzing which will obviously irritate people around you and will also distract you.

Do not send too many texts 
If you send too many texts and other people also respond it makes things hard to understand and follow up on. Text in moderation to allow people time to read and respond well.

Do not lurk
If a group doesn’t excite you or you see no point of being in one, then exit. Lurking behind the scenes beats logic because you are not participating on anything but “silently watching”. No one wants to be watched so just exit the group.

Use the mute button
If you don’t participate as much, you can mute the group and avoid having constant buzzing once messages come in. 

Thou shalt not sext
If you are a fan of texting then by all means make sure you go through your contact list and confirm the intended recipient before pressing the send button. No one wants to see your privates and naughty language on a group chat. - Online Sources 

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