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Messengers From Hell: 'Trending, But Dangerous Prophets’

Harare – The influx of dubious men and women of the cloth engaging in disputed extremes in the name of ‘Christianity’ and elevating 'mi...

Harare – The influx of dubious men and women of the cloth engaging in disputed extremes in the name of ‘Christianity’ and elevating 'miracle performances' to obscene ranks, has increased recently.

Unsuspecting congregates have been on the receiving end from the snake pastor, forced to drinking petrol and other unprintable excesses.

In Pietermaritzburg, South Africa comes the ‘fake church’ fronted by one ‘Chief Apostle’ Lerlin Goss. A midlands publication unearthed the fake church with fake congregation, fake church address, fake youth movement - plus fake leadership.

Soon after the expose, her website was disabled. The 'fake founder' is currently facing a criminal charge for the theft. She was exposed as an alleged multiple fraudster back in 2014.

The 'reptile pastor' 

End Times Disciples Ministry founder appeared before a rights commission to explain his unchristian practice. In defence, Penuel Mnguni insisted he was not hiding after efforts to locate him were futile.

“I came to the Commission. I was not running from it. They were not looking for me. So I never received any summons from them and what is happening now…I’m going to start again the ministry as I’m talking now,” he said.
The Influx of 'Fake Pastors Performing Dubious' Acts are now Common 
The Johannesburg clergyman was facing charges of feeding followers with live snakes and rats.

“No religion should belittle people and undermine people’s dignity. It is unacceptable behaviour to feed the congregation rats, snakes and hair,” the commission charged.

His response to his hideous actions were that his ‘actions were endorsed by the Holy Spirit.’

'Turning petrol to juice'
Pastor Lesego Daniel took the obscenity a notch higher when he told his congregation to eat grass and drink petrol, what he termed ‘pineapple juice’.

Rabboni Centre Ministry founder allegedly poured some of the liquid into a bucket before dropping a match into it and setting it alight to prove that it really was petrol.

Unveiling his latest 'miracle' to the congregation, he then told them that the petrol had been turned into pineapple juice and persuaded people to line up to take a sip from a bottle of the liquid.

Pastor Daniel told his congregation: "I want to prove to you, with the flames that will burn here, that it shows what can be achieved if you have faith."

However, experts warned that petrol is highly toxic and can cause serious gastric erosion to humans. Contacted for response, a congregate, Rosemary Phetha, said: 'Yes, we eat grass and we're proud of it because it demonstrates that, with God's power, we can do anything.'

‘Heavenly Pastor’

Probably one lewd claim that takes the souvenir is one by a South African commonly referred to as Prophet Mboro.

His dubious claims that he had 'raptured into heaven like Jesus' tickled the Christian community. He later “‘prophesied to have taken selfies in heaven – and met Jesus’s wife who is Xhosa’ – a tribe from his country,” among other blasphemous obscenities.

Days later, he stated he had lost the images after his phone was stolen. Mboro had a brush with the law, while a radio station allotted him a slot where he said, he had ‘anointed underwear that prevents sexually transmitted diseases.

'Education is devil's constitution'

And yet another ‘cultic sect’ has aroused confusion in South Africa. Pastor Bonakele Mancoba of Angel Ministries and his siblings were barred from school by their father, the founder of the church.

When they inherited the ministry, they carried with their beliefs – and all children from their church do not attend school.

“We know how to save the people from the devil but we can’t do it yet. I am God. We know these things,” he said.

In his weird response to authorities, he claimed: “On Saturday we went to arrest Satan in hell. But we suspended the operation because people are not ready to go to heaven yet.”

Among other lucid beliefs in the church are that members are not allowed to mingle with non-members and do not use banks because they belong to the devil.

“We aren’t sending children to school because Satan has anointed the constitution and schools with evil spirits. The constitution allows men to marry other men,” the pastor reasoned. The brothers claim they are angels from heaven sent by God to preach the word of God.

'The sacrificial lamb'

In Nigeria, a pastor is facing murder charges after he set a member on fire as a ‘confirmation to God’s commandment.’

Members of a Celestial Church of Christ on Unity Street in Abule-Egba, Lagos, were left in shock after Madam Abosede was burnt to death when the clergyman “heard the voice of God clearly to burn the member alive.”

Members of the church defended the pastor, saying the woman’s sins caused her to suffer the burns.
The pastor is currently facing a charge of attempted murder.

'The hot pastor'

Boiling water is a hazard to human flesh – but not according to Pastor Thamsanqa Sambulo aged 23 - the founder of Thy Word Kingdom Harvest Ministries in Pietermaritzburg.

According to social media extracts, Sambulo requested a member to “go boil water in a kettle at the kitchen”. The pastor allegedly hugged the kettle “on his chest”. Later on he asked, 'Who has faith here?' Consequently, members replicated their pastor’s act and were not hurt.

“The ‘Son of God’ first poured on Himself, then poured unto this lady. The rest of the congregation followed, as they also wanted to test their faith.” - 

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