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Jermaine Chireya: A Sincere, Unusual Brother

Growing up in Kuwadzana suburb was fun, yet not rosy.  The dominant red soils meant regular baths – which many of us loathed in our tender a...

Growing up in Kuwadzana suburb was fun, yet not rosy. 

The dominant red soils meant regular baths – which many of us loathed in our tender ages – while the unavailability of electricity meant there was limited television or none at all.

As youngsters we had to be innovative to be occupied. We all had televisions stored at our homes but generators and batteries were an extra expense.

But we dearly sought something to amuse us. Luckily, among our peers were innovators: Jermaine Chireya and my brother Tawanda.

With their nifty hands, a few electrical gadgets – the duo assembled projectors – turning our homes into instant cinemas. Jermaine was a creative genius – everything he applied his mind to, always blossomed.
The Late Jermaine Chireya

On weekends, we paraded our dribbling skills on the dusty stadia around the suburb – the CZI ground opposite Kuwadzana 6 Primary was always packed. Money games united us – and after winning we spent money on ‘power sweets’.

Saturdays evenings posed a regular challenge due to our undying loyalty towards wrestling streamed on ZBC television. But our gang was never deprived of ideas. We used our negotiating skills to gain access into homes which had generators to power televisions, in order to catch a glimpse of our favourite wrestling bouts.

Years later, we relocated to various destinations. Luckily, I remained in contact with the Chireya family through regular visits. Jermaine and I would write to each other after we enrolled at respective sister Methodist schools.

On 20 December, 2003 – we received news of Jermaine’s passing. Everyone was shattered. As we trooped to Kuwadzana to pay our last homage, my brothers and I recollected the aforementioned episodes.

His funeral revived a lot, as emotions intensified due to a medical mishap that claimed his promising future. But God had the final say – after all we are mere mortal beings breathing at His will and mercy.

Jermaine you were a sincere brother – an unusual colleague everyone admired to indulge and engage. You will be forever missed. And I am honoured to have befriended you.

As his brother, Marlon duly noted, “04-07-75 to 20-12-03. I lost a brother, mentor and true friend. May yo dear soul continue resting in peace mukoma, till we meet again.”

Rest in eternal peace my dear brother!

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