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Coup D’état: Tinashe Mugabe, The DNA Man ‘Ousted’

Harare – Nothing lasts forever, except God.  After nearly four decades in power, Robert Mugabe’s reign finally came to a halt, via his lieut...

Harare – Nothing lasts forever, except God. 

After nearly four decades in power, Robert Mugabe’s reign finally came to a halt, via his lieutenants, assisted by the army.

During his iron fist reign, often defined as despotic, the then president was completely untouchable, unleashing fear, even when one mentioned his name.

By @Comic24Derick

To some, he was a god, a divine character who could not be questioned, even if he had erred. When Mugabe died in September 2019, he was a bitter, lonely, old man.

Similarly, another Mugabe, Tinashe who had made a name for himself, with his trailblazing The Closure DNA Show, came to a sudden pause, after a few months of sending social media into a viral hysteria.

Just like Mugabe before him, Tinashe was slowly fashioning a name for himself. Spouses, mainly husbands were warming up to his revealing show, which to some was liberating spouses under bondage, after enduring years of taking care of children fathered by another man.
The DNA Man, Tinashe Mugabe
His company based in Harare charges US $220 for a private Paternity DNA test. A public Paternity DNA test, which will be interviewed and recorded, costs US $120, according to a text sent to this writer. The latter had become popular, attracting many viewers as it aired on various social media platforms.

For a period, The DNA Man had a firm grasp, broadcasting his show with a composure that brought finality to some feuding cases. Like a true master of the trade, he executed the task at hand with ruthless flawlessly.

Then, a bolt from the blue struck Mugabe, just like a coup that unfolded in November 2017, this time from the Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe (MLCSCZ).

The regulatory body said, “Mr Tinashe Mugabe of Global DNA of The Closure DNA Show and Jane of Expedite DNA Zimbabwe Tilder Live Zim Show are not registered members of the Medical Laboratory & Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe nor sister Health Professional Councils in Zimbabwe.”

The press statement added, “Mr Tinashe Mugabe and Jane are not professionally qualified nor competent to issue those test results,” further condemning the acts as “unethical practice on the poor and the marginalised population by Global DNA Zimbabwe and Expedite DNA Zimbabwe.”

However, it stated that the entities are registered. “Global DNA Zimbabwe and Expedite DNA Zimbabwe are registered with Council as DNA collection sites and not testing sites.”

Another TV crew, this time from Australia uncovered Mugabe after a client received the wrong paternity results. When he was confronted, Mugabe claimed he had done everything above board.

However, the crew was later arrested, and surprisingly Mugabe drove the car to the police station. The crew was charged with ‘attempting to kidnap’ Mugabe.

Despite all the uproar, Mugabe remains a darling of many. “Nobody is coerced. People do the testing on their own,” one observer said. “I don't know of any family that was forced. So this is a useless statement.”

Another added: “But they just read results. Just like what Judge Laure Lake does for her Paternity Court TV Show. I don’t think this is something that requires qualification. If there's informed consent then there's no coercion.”

While some may be celebrating Mugabe’s ouster, to some he has brought temporary relief. For others, especially those who were exposed will be saying ‘goodbye to bad rubbish’.

Recently, Mugabe petitioned the High Court seeking an order to operate freely after his show was banned.

In an application that was filed at the High Court, Mugabe cited Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe, and the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) as respondents.

According to various media sources, Mugabe argues that the respondents had no right to suspend his operations because his company, Global DNA is not a medical entity and is not governed by their rules and regulations.

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