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Global Farmers Connect: Agri-Tech Startup Eliminates Middlemen

Harare, Zimbabwe – Global Farmers Connect, an agri-tech startup is aiming to transform Zimbabwe's agriculture by eliminating the middlem...

Harare, Zimbabwe – Global Farmers Connect, an agri-tech startup is aiming to transform Zimbabwe's agriculture by eliminating the middlemen.

The Agri-tech company which launched in January 2021 has moved swiftly to strengthen the missing market linkages for small-scale and commercial farmers across the country.

Nigel Aaron, a co-founder says that they are aiming for a 50 percent digitalised transformation in the near future for Zimbabwe.

“We have established that there is a big gap which needs to be covered and a big problem that needs to be solved to get our economy back to becoming the bread basket of Africa,” Aaron said. “The dynamics behind our vision have shown that our vision can revolutionise Africa to feed the world.”

As the nation gears towards becoming part of a global economy be 2030, the startup aims to be part of that transformation.

Operationally, Global Farmers Connect is an artificial intelligence tool used to provide farmers with a platform to reach and sell their agricultural products directly to end consumers. 
The Online App Enables Farmers to Interact with Consumers  
Farmers also have unlimited access to information about their daily requirements such as farm equipment, greenhouses, inputs requirements and professional advice.

“Global Farmers Connect is a revolutionary online farmers community app, which connects the local farmers along with their fresh and delicious food lovers all around the globe,” the company said.

Going forward, this achievement excites Aaron.

“We are excited to be a part of the growth and transformation of our economy in providing a dedicated service for our farmers,” added Aaron. “Our digital footprint has grown fast, and the opportunities that we offer to our farmers are unique.”

Further, the entity has established a farmer-to-consumer platform, which allows farmers to do direct marketing of their produce to the consumer or retailers, eliminating the red tape, price increase caused by the middleman.

“Our vision is to give the farmer their rightful ownership of their crops and produce,” the company added.

Also, the platform allows retailers to buy directly from farmers and sell online within their area at affordable prices. After the introduction, consumers can buy from the nearest shop or directly from the farmer with complete traceability of the products.

As of writing, the company is establishing synergies within southern Africa, linking Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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