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Winners’ Paradise: Traits Every CEO Must Acquire

Let’s it be clear from the onset that there must be a clear difference between an employee and a business owner. An entrepreneur must learn ...

Let’s it be clear from the onset that there must be a clear difference between an employee and a business owner.

An entrepreneur must learn and behave like a CEO from the onset. There are certain traits that you cannot afford to display or entertain, even if they are part of you.

By @Comic24Derick

If you are not sure how to behave, you must start learning, now. But how can one behave like a CEO, after all, you are also a human being.

First, you must know why you are in the business. An employee, for example, can be there for the remuneration, that’s accepted, but for a business owner, there is more than that for you.

One thing that will separate you from the rest of the team members is your ability to communicate strategy and vision. A CEO has foresight.

You must lay down the plan of action to achieve long-term goals. Use your wisdom to implement a plan for the future.

“Any CEO worth their salt will know how to create and communicate strategy and vision for the business,” said Tamer Shahin for the CEO Entrepreneur.
A CEO has foresight. (Image:
Remember your subordinates depend on you to show them the direction the company is taking. Behave like a pilot, because you are in control. The moment you show that you failing, the whole business will derail.

Show and tell your team where you want to go.

Act like a winner, and mean what you say. Don’t forget your customers, they too depend on you as the captain of the ship. Without your clear input, you might be heading for a disaster.

“As the CEO, you must be able to effectively communicate the strategy and vision internally to your team and externally to clients and those who have an impact on your business,” added the CEO Entrepreneur.

The success of your business depends on the decisions that you make today and your foresight for the future. Of course, you are not a fortune teller, but if you focus on the present only, while you ignore the future, you may fail.

“A CEO considers both the near-term and the long-term,” Doug McCullough and Brooke Medina wrote for the Entrepreneur magazine. “A good CEO keeps one foot firmly planted in the present while facing the future with a sense of anticipation.”

Always stay in touch with current trends. Study the economy, markets, and customer habits. Make predictions about your business. Speak to experts.

“Knowing how to stay agile enough to function in the here and now while also being a forward-thinking executive is a must if a CEO intends to enjoy sustainable success,” the Entrepreneur magazine continued.

For McKinsey, Carolyn Dewar, Martin Hirt, and Scott Keller emphasized team and processes: Put dynamics ahead of mechanics, said the three authors.

“The dynamics of a top team can strongly influence a company’s success. Yet more than half of senior executives report that the top team is underperforming. The CEO is often out of touch with this reality: on average, less than one-third of CEOs report problems with their teams,” stated McKinsey.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty. Immerse yourself into the deep end of things. Know what is happening in your company. Insist on getting relevant feedback from all department heads.

“The efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s core management processes also can change a company’s fortunes, yet less than a third of employees report that their company’s management processes support the achievement of business objectives,” McKinsey added.

Avoid speaking in riddles so that everyone concerned can understand your intentions. Be clear. Respond to questions pose by your team. Give clear instructions so that everyone knows what is expected from them.

“Communicate consistently and with candor,” said Lolly Daskal. “As an aspiring CEO, you must be able to communicate clearly and consistently so those who work for you understand how they can be productive and effective.”

Communication is defined as imparting or exchanging information by speaking, writing, or other means, but not many leaders are effective communicators.

Daskal added: “Every new CEO must come to understand the importance of communication to great leadership.”

In an article for the Harvard Business Review called: The secrets of great CEO selection, writer Ram Charan insists on finding the Fit.

He wrote: “When you’re down to the final few potential successors, each will have passed multiple filters and is likely to be a highly accomplished leader.

Savvy CEO selectors go deeper than most to understand how well each person matches up against the pivot. They create a complete and accurate picture of each candidate to determine not the best leader but the best fit.”

Not every good CEO is a great CEO. When selecting one for your company, you must look beyond the person and recruit someone who will match your expectations.

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