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Money Talks: The 5 Richest, Famous Millionares in Zimbabwe

Harare - For those afar, Zimbabwe is an echo of economic squeeze and political differences - yet for some with intimate details will confes...

Harare - For those afar, Zimbabwe is an echo of economic squeeze and political differences - yet for some with intimate details will confess it is laden with its own model of filthy rich moguls prepared to flash millions for parties, expensive cars and beautiful women - of course.  

Here is a sneak preview into the life of the rich and famous - and sometimes controversial characters from Harare.
Frank Buyanga
Property mogul and alleged loan shark Frank Buyanga, during his prime, globe-trotted, wined and dined with heads of state across the continent. 

His business interests are vast and has been hosted by many international VIPs including Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema. The businessman was known for driving expensive state-of-the-art vehicles and living large.

Wicknell Chivayo
Currently, Buyanga owns a R3,2 million one bedroomed flat at the Towers in one of the leafy suburbs in South Africa where he is residing at the moment. Zimbabwe’s richest youth, controversial businessman Wicknell Munodaani Chivayo is one lurid guy who cannot seem to shut his mouth about his wealth. 
Wicknell Chivayo and Philip Chiyangwa 
He seems to enjoy the controversy he creates on the social network, Facebook and often makes a nuisance of himself boasting ‘‘I drive latest cars so I fit comfortably, the seats are easily adjustable’’ and ‘‘I shop only in America where I tell the shop assistant this T-shirt is way too big. They stock 10 sizes above me.’’ 

Coining himself BIG or Sir Wicknell, his flamboyance has left many speculating on the source of his fortunes.

Genius Kadungure
The late business mogul owned several properties in Harare, and drove the latest cars and often spends time overseas, especially in the United States where he bought expensive designer clothes, among other things. 

Love him or hate him it was pretty clear that the young tycoon not only has a taste of the high life, he could also afford it and seemed to have made some influential friends along the way.

Flamboyant businessman Genius ‘‘Ginimbi’’ Kadungure was popularly known for flaunting his wealth and splashing out on luxury. He was famed for hosting a lavish US$17 000 birthday white party in Greystone Park. The birthday celebrations lasted three days. 

The first day was an all-white party, the second day being a family-only affair and finally swimming on the last day. As if that was not enough, the young, urbane and rich Ginimbi broke yet another record, making it known that he has a penchant for lavishness and extravagance. 

To celebrate his 28th birthday, the socialite flew 20 guests to Botswana in a party themed black and white. The party is said to have gobbled US$32 000 in the plush suburb of Phakalane Gold Estate in Gaborone.
Philip Chiyangwa
Flamboyant businessman Philip ‘‘Uncle Phil’’ Chiyangwa is among the many flamboyant guys that Zimbabwe has ever given birth to. 

His meteoric rise from a barefoot and spike-haired vegetable vendor in the dusty streets of Chegutu to a flamboyant businessman, property developer and politician in Zimbabwe has never been understood by many.

Uncle Phil is known to brag about his wealth and riches. In one of his interviews, he was quoted as saying: “I have the money and I don’t have a problem with money.” He owns a fleet of Mercedes, Chrysler Cross Fire, Range Rover, Jeep, Ford Ranger and a Rolls Royce, among many other vehicles; 39 listed companies and over 100 residential stands and farms combined.

Energy Mutodi
Flamboyant businessman and musician Energy Mutodi lived what sounded like a dream — a multi-million-dollar home in Charlotte Brooke, nannies for his children, travelling on fast cars and extravagant dinners. Though his fortunes were short lived, Mutodi enjoyed a time of his life.

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