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Hell via Church: ‘I was Converted into Satanism at Church’

Harare – A teenage boy claims he was delivered into the devil’s dominion via the church after a popular Harare-based ministry recruited him...

Harare – A teenage boy claims he was delivered into the devil’s dominion via the church after a popular Harare-based ministry recruited him into Satanism.

The boy from Hopley, a sprouting settlement near the capital says he was convinced to pose as demonic spirits and then delivered so as to attract more congregates.


For his efforts, his family was promised a house and his education would be catered for by the ministry. However, the deal went sour when they failed to satisfy their bargain.
Possessed Man Being Delivered in Church 

And now his family has excluded him believing he was into Satanism. Presently, he is a destitute. Max, aged 17 went to the church in the spotlight seeking spiritual intercession after challenges at school.

“My friends called me a Satanist at school. When I returned to home, I sought deliverance from different churches – and they all confirmed I was not possessed.

His family directed him to the popular church – and they told me to agree I was into Satanism with the consent of his father – promising his family handouts. He was later tutored on how to behave as a possessed vessel, serpent and the appropriate language to use.

“Almost thirty people trained me while I stayed at the church with my father. I performed to their expectations live on the church’s TV channel and we were supposed to return the following day for our bounty.

“However, we have not received anything since February – and I am now barred from the church premises,” said Max.

Max’s extended family is convinced he is possessed and refuses to associate with him in any way.

Efforts by media to source a comment from the church (name withheld) were thwarted by the ministry’s spokesperson who did not respond to questions. The ‘wife’ of the founder promised to reply – but failed to do so.

The infiltration of dubious entities claiming to possess prophetic power has caused untold mayhem within Zimbabwe.

Some experts have labeled them ‘pseudo movements’ meant to derail Christians from the biblical truth utilising marketing strategies as gimmicks to make money.

Currently, Max’s life is in limbo.

“I would like the nation to forgive me for my lie because I was desperate. I am now homeless but other churches have proved that I am not a Satanist.

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